Sunday, March 8, 2009

big softee

image caption: you can find me in the club, holding um, a club

i have hated to admit my love of this leona lewis single for the longest time but first there were all these really well conceived mash ups with jay-z and then i found this version on youtube yesterday with an original mims verse in the first 60 seconds which i was saying to iona has to be the best lyrical snippet i've seen in at least a year.

so, you think i'm hateful right? but you also know i'm bipolar yeah? well the thing is there's a line we supposedly flip over where we see things in black and white highs and lows mania and depression. i certainly know what hate is but i also know what love is...or what the best conception could be in an ideal world that i also fully know doesn't exist.

ah well, always ends up drivel.

MIMS is hot, and he's fat and bald, two no's for haters

and lyrics for the broken hearted hip hop nerds:
"nah love see i just ain't feelin' that
can't stop like a hemophiliac, bleedin'
her heart she guarded like eden
and right now the seed is off season
she don't see a reason to reason
so i guess sometimes you're better off leavin'
than to sit in a relationship on a waitin' list
just to go through concession
and that's the procedure
can i get some respect like aretha?
or would you rather let it go like keyshia cole?
can't make up my mind like i'm three years old
this love is like three years old
and it'd be a shame if we see this go
so get some guards and some butterfly stitches
i got two words for haters, best wishes."

for those of you who are not my peer seven sisters english Bacheloresses of Arts this verse has a rhyme scheme that uses hard and soft rhymes. a soft rhyme is one that does not actually sound rhyming when pronounced accurately but the artist or reader alters the sound of the word itself to come out similar enough to hold the scheme together. you may be desperate to point that "concession" does not in fact literally rhyme with "season" but in the world of poetry it does.


  1. I think you just broke one of your own cardinal rules. I flipped a chair at Bellissima, got a very nice transferable green gown. I sent it to you, but you declined it. Poof, it's gone!


  2. autodeclines muted persons, not anything i actually did
    and stop snarking, i am not familiar with the bible verse that says thou must not mute thine boring male neighbors

  3. I'm snarking? But I'll take your word for it on the bible verse. You're probably more familiar with that tome than I. Not all Republicans are bible thumpers, nor are we all rabid anti-choicers, 6,000 year old Earthers, or ID adherents. Some of us just don't like seeing our hard-earned money thrown away on professional layabouts. The truly needy, hard up, and disabled, sure. But not people who make a career out of being supported at the expense of the taxpayer.

    Anyway, no skin off my back. The gown was more your style than mine. I think I shall send every expensive transferable item that I cannot use myself your way. I think it might actually keep you awake at night wondering how many wonderful gifts that you could have passed on were vaporized.

    Would that be mean of me to take advantage of your obsessions/compulsions regarding wasted freebies? I hope not, because I am generally a kind person. Maybe that's why you don't like me. I don't fit your bigoted notion of how boring/cruel/selfish/deceptive the inhabitants of Earth are.


  4. it will hurt my internet emotions about as much as wondering what 50% of my 75k inventory consists of. also i only hold that strict of a view when applied to XY persons. be fair. can i also ask how a free item can be considered expensive?

  5. If a chair item normally sold for hundreds of Lindens (and people actually paid that for it on a regular basis), I would consider that an "expensive" freebie. Of course there is a lot of crapola that sells for a high price, and then there is quite a bit of high quality merchandise that can be gotten free quite easily (Dare Designs comes to mind in the second case), and other considerations, such as general desirability, length of chair time, rarity, etc. So really, one has to go on a case by case basis. But when I am called upon to flip a chair, it is usually a high desire item with a long wait time. Otherwise, why would I be asked to flip it? It's certainly not because someone thinks I need the dress.

    Have a good day Becky. :)


  6. omfg you actually offended me finally :O
    DONT CALL ME BECKY PLZ. not even in trolling.
    k thx. if you're called to flip a chair they should try clara first :(
    wherefore is that miss clara? i do miss her.

  7. LOL, I knew "Becky" would get you. It's actually a very proper pink-goth name.

    I haven't seen Clara lately, but I'm not on all the time.