Wednesday, March 11, 2009

throw out your cares and fly, wanna go for a ride?

word play!
i like to play with words. i didn't even think of it as content creation really until crox rox made a comparison in another forum's thread about me that he managed to sneak comments in about me past the moderator who, whomever she/he/it may be, does not seem to want to let me speak my piece in an entire thread flamed around me. but i digress. words seem to be powerful, once again, and i have been wielding them most of my life and yet to run into any serious trouble. that being said, you can still count on me to walk the fine line, and cross over it occasionally, between acceptable and offensive snark. mostly what is offensive to people on second life is the truth, at least, that's what i've gathered from the dozens of random prior text messages indicating that my very mind's operation is appalling to certain types. i had one guy, a proud and defensive republican, message me while slumming it at miramare with my "I MUTE REPUBLICANS" title on and the conversation got to the point where i told him i may be whomever i am here on the internet but i work with kids and help people in the real world, and the best comeback he could scrounge up was "that's why i homeschool my kids" which...yeah. ask me for the notecard. that conversation was a killer. 

i want you to play a word game with me. i'm trying to switch up my profile so it remains untouchable by LL's crappy ass profile editor bots, while still maintaining a certain mandatory level of snarkiness. please respond to this post with your best profile snarks, primarily any way to possibly make the incredibly dull "interests" tab more interesting. 

i am looking for your own versions of the following writers exercises, filling in the bubbles like so:

I want to-buy-you a new life.
I want to-sell-my soul to the devil.
I want to-build-it and they will come.

the trick here is that you have to use the presets in the profile tab itself, so you can make use of the following verbs: build, meet, group, sell, explore, be hired, buy, hire.

ok go. i will steal your content if you come up with some good ones.


  1. OMFG, you actually mentioned my name in the OP. I really do feel special now. Here are my submissions:

    I want to build a strip mine.

    I do not want to meet you... ever.

    I want to engage in group activities with my own alts.

    I want to sell items for L$122 and call them dollarbies.

    I want to explore the interior of a 1m plywood cube.

    I want to be hired as a pole dancer in an abattoir.

    I will buy your crappy pixel creations with my crappy pixel money.

    I will hire you to turn off your computer and get a real life.

    Crocker Roxley

  2. Oh, you'll like this. After awaiting moderation for my first post "over there", I am no longer moderated for subsequent posts. I think they are afraid of lil ole you.


  3. no...they are afraid of US, croxy. let's keep rolling and picking up bodies as we go.

  4. honestly i'm surprised they don't delete the whole thread and get rid of all comments permanently, that whole thing is embarassing. the racial remarks are way out of line and add to that the fact that....well...who throws a party from a shopping cart? a homeless person? the place should call itself "this shopping cart holds all my worldly belongings".com

  5. lmao. THAT made me cough up a lung. I say leave the bodies to rot. Too bad there is no smell on the innernets.

    Am I finally getting under your skin? I half expect to find myself unmuted when I log on. But now having lost a lung, I'd better not hold my breath. :P