Monday, March 2, 2009

and on the seventh day, god tried to pay his rent with lindens

oh mah guh. i'm a martyr to the tartar sauce. put me in the bunneh burlap git me the foook outta herererererere.

ahahah you guys crack me up. seriously, i've gotten major jollification out of all your comments. how i'm ugly, i'm fat, my opinion doesn't count, but you seem to be eating it up anyway. could it be someone you disagree with or even resent might have things worth saying too??? OMFG. oh but i'm just a blogger, i obviously started this blog to get massive attention and receive promo freebies from designers i suck cock for when i "blog" aka positively review everything they give me for free because i am not good with horses so i'm not sure how to go about looking one in the mouth. well, let me tell you ladies, and trannies, i have worked with horses too :O oh lord, i know what you're thinking, crazy cat lady who secretly loves working with kids and rides horses in the springtime out in the farmlands. that image is way too simple to comprehend!$^%@ i know you can't fathom me. enjoy coming back for more, as i see over 200 of you who read yesterday just had to peek back to see what the aftermath was. thing is, i can, and sometimes even DO, distance myself from my internet existence. much as it may appear that i have formulated my entire character on some internet platforms, the truth is actually that this is who i am in the philadelphia metropolitan area as well, when i go downtown or to rite aid or wawa even. you know who i'm grateful to? the guy behind the counter who takes the extra time to find me ripe tomatoes for my hoagie. the starbucks barista who slips me a free hot chocolate without letting me go up to the register at all. the cute lezzy clerk who doesn't bother to card me when i buy cigs anymore. i know it's nearly impossible for anyone to imagine being the same person online and off, and furthermore, a more complex one than can be read into simply by a webblog or old message board threads or the sum of the clothes on my second life avatar. however, i must protest, and i don't mean to be lady macbeth about it, but i DO have to insist that if you got to know me, mang, you might even like me. actually, there's at least like 50% of you viewing this entry right now who are thinking to yourself, "you know what, rebecca's not even half bad, i actually quite enjoy her when we exchange verbiage." ok, so none of you used those precise words in your mind. but GET REAL. you're going to come at me for making a well known, well documented, and basically indisputable complaint that has been circling in the atmosphere about a shitty ass store on the grid? you know what real work is? no, i don't have a job. but even working 8 weeks with disabled children or illiterate adult learners, instead of sitting at your mac pad drawing vinyl fishnet textures, you go do that then come back and start a flame war in my comments. ok? deal. oh also, you seem to be intrigued by my lastfm? yah, dats right, my tastes are eclectic and umm, good. actually pretty freaking stellar. do you see me dj'ing at some "night" club (it's night somewhere ALL the time right?) on second life? NO. you know what the best kind of dj is? yourself. itunes playlists. break out the hard and proven turntables if you must. speaking of good music, i got le tigre on my mind for right now.

"my art is better than yr art" is the fundamental message of what i hear a lot in private ims from designers, complaining about their fellow designers. granted i've never talked about ivey, or snatch, with any other designers, because by and large we can all agree she does not produce art, by any stretch of the imagination, unless you count the 'art' in walmart as i have compared her work to before in recent comments. ivey, you want to know why i seem hypocritical as the thread digresses into bigger and bigger puddles of emo sadness? because, i was trying to practice something called diplomacy and give you the benefit of the doubt. then what happens? course your man steps in, which i notice on your plurk says you're in an "open relationship" that must really hurt your feelings. i assume that is why you are not so stable or stable enough lately to handle any kind of criticism. if you weren't so insecure, and i know i'm not one to talk, but really, if you had more faith in your own work or craft maybe what a tiny little nobody like me said on some webblog on wouldn't bother you so immensely much and ruin your day in literally reducing you to tears. mind you, ivey herself said she'd been crying ALL DAY, lolol, i know how familiar that is, but she'd been doing so long before i posted my article at what? 1 pm est? also, LOLOLOL you guys provide endless lulz you know that right? someone quipped something about my 15 minutes of fame? how about taking into consideration that comment went in 5 hours after the original drama mama party. 15 minutes will probably end up being more like 15 days or so. to reduce myself to your level and provide some basis for comparison i will just abbreviate all the implications of that to say "my blog is getting more hits than ever before!"

and thank you. all. thank all of you for that!

kathleen hanna? do you have any closing remarks for us milady?

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  1. ''but i DO have to insist that if you got to know me, mang, you might even like me. actually, there's at least like 50% of you viewing this entry right now who are thinking to yourself, "you know what, rebecca's not even half bad, i actually quite enjoy her when we exchange verbiage."''

    It's a bit difficult to get to know you better when you mute people for the most innocuous remarks. OK, so it was stupid, but was it really THAT stupid?

    Crocker Roxley