Friday, March 13, 2009

lucky number 13

oh hay. it's friday the 13th. again. didn't we have one of these in late 08? no worries though, my silly angel dropped more lucky chair goodies on me from her store in valefar. Miss Angel is the creator behind cili'angel and she's a quick learner as far as construction goes. These latest sets of St. Patrick's oriented green dresses have tons of wear options like leg bows and different waistbands. I'm showing two of a whopping five dresses you could win in the lucky chairs here, so go on, get to it greenies. if you look closely in the free bun hair from the nosotras hunt i'm in here, you can see there's even a clover for your mouth and hair in these sets. love it! as many attach points as possible, is what i say. you can't see it but even the detail on the textures from cilia is gorgeous, there's a little criss-cross etched in the bodice of the first dress and the second has an appropriately swooshy neck drape. thank you cilia! 

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