Saturday, March 7, 2009


haii! i added a new poll. now you can confess how many different sick ways you like to troll someone! go ahead, pick as many as you want, it's just like boyfriends on the internet, you can even click them all if you like!

analysis of the existing polls:
25% of you have not left the house today.
82% of you would either not be able to or have no interest in paying to read my blog, that would be 82% of an average 300 visitors each day. 
in line with the non-paying poorhousers seem to be the 84% of you who do not try to pay your rent with your linden profits. this makes sense to me. you can't pay for anything, as it is, so you couldn't pay to read my blog, and you certainly couldn't pay your rent with sales, nor would you expect to either. incidentally i assume about 84% of you live second life on freebies alone, since you're poor. nota bene to the 6 (15%) of you who do pay your rent with lindens, a lot of people are poor!!! really really poor. just above the not having a computer level of poor, and barely at that. also, by virtue of my phraseology, 17% of you admit that you would pay a virtual stripper. 

all of this a bit confusing? keep in mind 80% of statistics are made up on the spot.

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