Monday, March 30, 2009

look what you started

actually i got hooked on this track about a month ago when i was out irl :O (i know, i know, it doesn't happen often) but my old vassar buddies were playing THE UNICORNS while we umm, played wii...right. anyway. this video was on youtube and it amused me endlessly. i think you might like to know that there is also a band to go along with all this unicorniphernalia.

afterall, unicorns are people too. and these people are appropriately prancey given the lyrics.
actually this song makes me think of my time at vassar:
"who was i with?
what time was it?
and where did you go?"


  1. wii was fun for about a week then i was ready to sell the thing lol !!

  2. i don't play i just go out on the terrace and smoke