Sunday, March 8, 2009

your disco needs you

"no cadillac no perps you can't see. that i'm a motherfucking p-i-m-p"
(i saw this pimp chair, i think it fits as well as any image for the mo)

ah, haters haters haters, let's take a seat around the emotional flames shall we?
shoppingcartdisco is a moderated forum that censors the comments and consequently my responses are not showing up there. shame, i will just have to use my own blog to respond :O omg concept! so, i think it was adam, because i doubt anyone else is that quick with their lil'kim lyrics, anyway, lil'becca wishes to respond to the comment about not having any original thoughts. for your information, this thought in and of itself is not original. i know you may think it is, but there is actually a school of thought that thinks that there are no original thoughts to be had at all. may i, perhaps, quote someone else again?

ok kurt what's it for today?
k thanks. i have a boatload of prezzies gifted me from admiring and supportive designers who may not be as bigwig as IVEY *oooohs and ahhhs from the crowd* but they make shit too, and you should really take me off your subscribo if you're so pissed at me miss hives, babe.

also if someone could instruct me how to upload a musakal piece from one of adam's best junkie friends, i could put this "big girls" conversation to rest once and for all, this song was written FOR me, on account of my curves, celebrating them. snarkily, yes, but if i could figure out how to link it/upload it you would have no doubts left.

blvd, i saw you there in the sidelines. how is the blvd these days? how is having 4 lanes for 4 different dudes to drive down going for you? unf, blvd blvd blvd, you are a poor man's men's juniper. (here's an original thought for you, why don't you go back to your home, on WHORE ISLAND???)

also if you all hit the link to read the comments that WERE permitted in shoppingcartdisco you might notice in dancien's thread that everyone is hating on the ebonics, as they called them, or my use of hip hop lyrics in little niches of my own blog. i'm sorry i don't fancy myself trinidad's next big superstar rapper, like your friends perhaps do, but i know the lyrics myself and i think they may have more meaning than the average whitey is able to perceive if they just scan for all the familiar N words they use in their own conversations at home with their trailer's full of family. speaking of which, this trailer trash shit, needs to be put to rest. it may be the end of an era but i type to you from a three story 8 bedroom 5 bathroom house in the richest suburb of this state just so y'all know. (how else do you think i have the leisure time to do nothing but shop on second life all day?) now please, switch up your insults to be more bougie, and i will leave you with some ben folds lyrics too: "y'all don't know what it's like, being (fe)male, middle class and white!"

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