Wednesday, March 18, 2009

did you hear about the new pirate movie?


ah, sorry. favorite bad pirate joke of all time. i'm in yr clothing fair, looting for booty. this is morrigan's contribution, a tricorner hat in the spirit of piracy. we were discussing the menacing squid approaching from off the coast of ireland across the way from his booth. i suggested perhaps the squid was drunk and lecherous, and the exploits on the sea became even more terrifying! not that...well...not that you need to make having a booth in a sim called "The Persian Gulf" any more awkward. did anyone else pause and go, "This was the name of a war in my lifetime, right?" not going to lie, it made me uncomfortably lawlish.

anyway, this pirate says you should freaking walk off the plank if you're one of the ten or so, more, inevitably, since i'm only in sim 5 of the thing, who DO NOT EVEN HAVE ONE RFL VENDOR ITEM!!$^^ wtf are you doing in a relay for life event if you don't give a shit about the lives at stake or the cause or raising money or even pretending to play along with the charity game? i have also been primarily shopping bald and i'm sad that no one seems to get it. i've finally shirked vanity to just go lag free at all times necessary and this is certainly one of those. never fear though, there are still vain looters who waltz into the sim in wings, flexi skirts galore and prims attached everywhere. obviously you don't have to deprim ever. if you don't want. and no one can even "sacrifice" the prims to shop at an event based on CANCER? oh jeez. don't get me started. [i am only primmed up in this black canary outfit leftover from my 5 am visit when no one else was in the sim so please don't try with your tired attempts at calling me a hypocrite]

at time of posting relay's raiders have raised 2193757 lindens which is....
$8,775 USD damn i was way off yesterday's attempt at a guess.

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  1. omg I totally agree about the shops without any RFL vendors.. but most of the sims have this big kiosk at the end/beginning (does it even have an end/beggining?) with like a ton of RFL vendors displayed all around its walls so I had figured all the missing vendors gathered in that one spot but idk. Would be insane otherwise.