Friday, March 6, 2009

that legendary divorce is such a bore

i can't respond or keep up with all the comments at this point. honestly i'm bored with the post about hunt lag and trite bitches. but i do read them from time to time and every time i'm stunned with another persons ability to match, and even exceed my trivialism. one comment asserted that i type poorly. which is funny. i type drunk with a BAC of .40 better than most people i know sober. i also type something like 190 words per minute and i think even faster than that so i do apologize on behalf of my brain for thinking too fast for the general population. anyway, i partake of the parts i want to of ee cummings' school of grammar and capitalization. that is to say, none. there have been psychological studies done on the implications of capitalization in names, general email/text patterns and so forth. what i collect from the abstracts is the idea that essentially if you go around yelling in all caps that's just what you're doing, and i even saw somewhere that capitalizing your name is a sign of an inflated ego...but i guess you'd just argue lowercasing your name is a sign of a small one? explain my handle being all lowercase then, huh. confusing. as for general syntax and the tendency to flow of consciousness in my writing, i can only say that i admit to being terribly offended when i used to get compared to virginia woolf. obviously i wanted a plath comparison or i wasn't happy. 

anyway, sometimes i title things like i notice some of the designers in second life do. lately it's my pictures....i take a snapshot and i already have a theme or concept in mind and put it together finally with the lyrics or song title, whatever it may be. i was thinking about putting my avatar in a bath or water, here i found the pond at the toyko pig sight green energy camping to float in...and since you all want me to run in front of a bus i figured maybe i'd just wear electrical ornaments like these schadenfreude antlers with christmas lights and see if anything happened. unfortunately it was just like any other bath, me with a droopy cig hanging out of my mouth, my buoyant spare tires of avatar fatness keeping me afloat in the murky depths. no electrocution this time, sorry! 

kurt, what's on your mind? does anything apply today? and did you take your lithium yet?
ok, i guess he wants me to serve the servants (that would be you)
"if she floats then she is not a witch like we had thought
a down payment on another one at salems lot"


  1. i remember winning dumb contests in middle school for mavis beacon high scores nerddom yay!