Tuesday, March 31, 2009


i have more bizarre referrals than ever. people who mask their ips and send bogus links have my profile up on various sites, various older versions as well. i know, no one can keep up with someone who changes their profile on a routine basis, but really, was the content that fascinating that you must post it on some obscure second life database for posterity? trust me, there are better things to remember about me far more embarassing and upsetting than my own profile content. if you think you're going to terrorize me with my own words you are dead wrong :) if i am used to any person in the world it's myself. not only that but half the time the link is a false one and sends to a joke site, so i can't even evaluate the level of idiocy of the reposters. also like....my profile, isn't that technically my intellectual property? and you're reposting it all over the internet? get your own interesting profile. or god forbid, make your own interesting enough to post all over dozens of bulletin boards. 
ahaha, someone surfed my blog from a philadelphia school computer. i should probably put some mature flags on here, if only for my coarse language. 
okre out.

"you could have just propped me up on the table like a mannequin
or a cardboard stand-up and paint me (paint me anything)
any face that you wanted me to be seen 
we're damned by the existential moment where
we saw the couple in the coma
and it was, we were the cliche
but we carried on anyway"

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