Saturday, March 21, 2009

say no to no!

people often ask in a welcome area, "plz to tell meh w0t is diz playce?"
i will tell you simply what it is not. 
it is NOT an area in which you will see emotionally unstable violent people acting out abusive fantasies on other users.
it is NOT an area in which you will see n00b hookers offering their services for linden dollars, cam for us dollars, or generally find anyone selling anything.
it is NOT an adult area where you will hear lewd and inappropriate conversations both in voice chat and local text chat. nor will you ever receive a rude and or sexually aggressive instant message from the not at all creepy guy not standing right not next to you half naked with a non-penis out.
and finally, it is not a place where you will see 80's boomboxes nor hear poorly streamed poor taste level of music nonstop all day long.

and finally, plz, no burst my bubble.

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