Tuesday, March 3, 2009

balls to the e-walls

hai! you are all still here i see? shall i brew up some tea? roll a joint? what do we need to get the party started....hmmm how about some worst attempts at insults ever?

ok here's one offline message i got while i slept (like a baby, i might add) through your drama magnification by linking my original post on all your plurks. and here's a plurk description for a guy who apparently linked me as well. a proud fifty year old man who is furthermore proud to be a "mighty" ORC on WOW. good work! 

49 years old, male
from Second life
Writer, musician, graphic designer, and mighty Orc in World of Warcraft -- P2 is here, let the festivities commence.


you are from second life? i think that might be your problem right there dude.

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[13:07] Melisa Navarathna: (Saved Tue Mar 3 10:34:23 2009) As Kidd Rock said to Pam, "They are not laughing WITH you, you stupid bitch."
[13:07] okrebecca Dastardly: does that make you kidd rock? and me pam?
[13:07] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

ps-melissa, i think you spelled your name wrong? (you also spelled Kid Rock wrong)

i'm actually surprised how passive, not even aggressive most of you are being. of course none of you actually are interested in having a conversation with me, i understand you have WOW to play and kids in your real life to go not read to while you put them to bed and drive them to the sitters before you go in to work to play more WOW. still, i am waiting for anyone to actually direct their comments to me in a more direct fashion. i assume you all can't find me on second life even via search which is a pity because there are some quite easy ways to pull my profile up. anyway, i see that effectively this will be a totally passive aggressive ongoing dealio until all the followers and fangirls and boys calm down their indignation on behalf of someone they don't know and just would feel too cognitively dissonant about if they actually admitted that stores can be crap and still be popular at the same time. do you guys know the stores in real malls like wet seal? well, i know some teenage girls who are very ready to defend buying preteen stripper clothes and i think you all sound about the same with your replies, which by the way, if i am guilty of whining or being childish, then certainly all of this subsequent and seemingly endless drama is ....my fault? right, you're the ones continuing to link, talk, thread, and post about me and my words. at the end of the day, if i made one person cringe for a second, or uncomfortable in resolving their own opinions, or even possibly forced them by dint of aggression to form some of their own opinions, then i feel good and i'm happy :D thank you all, again, your hate and silliness drives me likewise to more hate and silliness, and what's not to love about that?

at the time of this posting a full 1/3rd of respondents have voted that they in fact have not left their house today. so when i go out on behalf of all of you to get my coffee and cigs, i will do my best to get hit by a bus, but i think the buses may be waiting for the day you eventually leave yours? i could be wrong. i don't typically think like a bus, but some of you seem to have insight on that front so please continue speculating and using tired old lines. i'm thrilled to hear them for the 144th time.

some of the responses include indicating that "okrebecca made ivey remove her snatch hunt gift from the twisted hunt"
first of all. the hunt is called twisted. how you going to name a hunt after mental illness and then not allow a little of it to run amok in the frenzy? ivey herself chose to remove the gift, for all of two hours as i gather, because she needs to keep giving freebies and promoting with gifts just like the rest of you designers reading KNOW you have to do, which is why you all have lucky chairs, freebies, subscribos, and possibly even know me as a routine and dedicated customer. it's not my fault someone like ivey has such an overwhelming ego that she thinks she can blame me when she has a hissy fit and in point of fact ALLOWS ME to make *HER* and her alone remove the gift. also, the gift removed? let's see, it was a basic textured black dress. with a prim skirt. WOW. a black dress! OH AND A HAT! a hat? like the free ones on the tables of tons of other equally if not more talented designers? no. this is a SNATCH hat, and a SNATCH black primmed dress. i MUST HAVE THIS, OH LORD, HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT ONE MORE BLACK DRESS, SKIRT, AND HAT IN MY INVENTORY!?$YP*O@%&

list of sn@tch items in my inventory i couldn't live my second life without:
pot plant
beach shack trailer, is this where you grew up out in salem ivey?
cremation oven
enema bag & pole
filthy toilet

...and someone with this kind of sense of humor can't take a little abuse???

and speaking of twisted mentally ill people, i'm eager to open up this incident into an ongoing discussion of mental illness and internet use but ...i am terrified none of you could handle putting any actual real life meaning into any of the namecalling and catfighting. afraid it would make more of you blame me for the reason you cry all day, and cut yourself when your boyfriend wants an open relationship, and hate yourself more for not living up to your own expectations of success for yourself. i took my meds last night! probably a large part of why i sleep so well. but my point is, some of you need medication more/equally much as i do, and i'd really love to help anyone who seriously got upset over something as ultimately meaningless as this.

"and there's a million of us just like me
who cuss like me; who just don't give a fuck like me
who dress like me; walk talk and act like me
and just might be the next best thing but not quite me!

i'm like a headtrip to listen to
cuz i'm only giving you things you joke about with your friends inside your living room
the only difference is i got the balls to say it in front of y'all and i don't gotta be false or sugar-coated at all
so will the real shady please stand up
and put one of those fingers on each hand up
and be PROUD to be out of your mind, and out of control
and one more time, loud as you can (comment)
how does it go???"

OMGUH the eminem overlap neverends! hang on i got some more i listened to in the car while trying to get hit by a bus...
"testing! attention please!
feel the tension soon as someone mentions
here's my ten cents, my two cents is free
a nuisance? who sent...YOU sent for me!"

"and sometimes it seems everybody only wants to discuss ME
so this must mean i'm disgustING
but it's just ME, i'm just OBSCENE"

moar thoughts, because i don't stop thinking just because you wish i would
re: "we should all be terribly grateful to the organizers of these hunts"
-hunts are constant, neverending, and if there was any kind of organization at all we'd just have one 400 gift hunt called 'the twisted sick residents of second life love being vainly kissed by their greatest online love' and have it over with
-organizers of hunts tend to be doing it primarily to get their store landmark spammed in every related notice that goes out
-if you haven't figured out by now with your blog surfing and plurk lurking, you can get anything and everything you want in the highest level of quality for FREE on second life. not even including hunts. hunts are just something i get distracted by when i'm visiting a store for a completely distinct set of free, dollar, or chair items. people like to think their second life freebies are a huge gift we should bend over backwards to kiss their ass for on here, when in fact, it's a gift for any customer or second lifer to spend any lindens at all, and to reiterate, it's also completely unnecessary that we buy ANYTHING at all from you, so you look at that gift horse and investigate his teeth for a while. our purchasing power allows you to maybe even do what you want all day without even leaving your house so you get to make your "art" and make a real living off of it too via an internet portal, which is not only incredible but also you should consider yourself LUCKY to make any money at all, ANYWHERE, in the united states, at the current time, with the current state of things.

re: bloggers being snot nosed bullies
you think i'm bad? as i've said before, and repeatedly, i buy things on second life, with money, that i transferred from my account page by using the "buy lindens" button. i know some of you have never done this. some of you resort to trying to pole dance so you can buy anything you feel worth spending lindens on in world. i just let it go to the mastercard bill, but the lindens go to your account and you get my cash money in the end. not just that, but i've spent literally hundreds of united states dollars in lindens on second life in the past year. not that this is necessarily something to be boasted about, but it's the truth, and i know many of you have literally messaged me and discussed with me how grateful YOU in fact are for me to support you and your digital art exploits. i am quoting possibly the best loved designer on the grid and a participant of this and all previously loved and blogged hunts when i say, "it is because of customers like you, rebecca, that we can continue to do the work we want to on second life."

that being said, i know of a certain blogger, possibly named wrenja, and she is just one of many i'm sure, who has the balls and the lack of decency to straight up ask store owners and designers for the freebies before they go out, or before they wait their turn on the lucky chair, and they just want them all neatly piled into a folder for them to contemplate even posting pictures of later. or not. how do i know any of this? because, designers enjoy chatting with shoppers who hang out in store, or stalk lucky chairs, and several of them end up messaging me, and one in particular i spoke with regarding wren's unbelievable sense of entitlement for a good several hours late one night at a chair.

bloggers collect massive amounts of free gifts on top of the free gifts that go out that need advertising because the store owners want to make the process a little friendlier. that's all well and good but some of you like wren have some bigass distasteful balls to go up to an artist and ask them to just give you their shit for free because you may or may not eventually decide to post some pictures that a couple hundred people will view and search for afterwards. i have never done this. i WILL NEVER do this. i pay for all of my stuff, and as much as i see some of you viewing this i wish i could ask for my money back from because you ended up being mindless sheep in the grand scheme of things, i'm not going to. if ivey is so fucking indignant about me ever having been a customer, why doesn't she pay me the thousands of lindens back of my money that is not good enough for her apparently? why? because she already withdrew it from her account to pay February's rent. that's why.

re: plurk itself, and all of you who link me
hey! plurk eh? is that like facebook for people who didn't go to college? anyway, i see that most of you have all your info set to private, thereby not permitting me to take the piss out of you. as you will see, you can find all sorts of information on me and i'm not hiding any of it. i know this is terrifying in the implications. you might get caught downloading cp on your work computer if people saw you age playing in your roleplay fantasies and so forth. well, i want to go to law school, myself. and i think this nonsense is going to be great debate training except that i think in the courtroom you're not allowed to resort to calling someone fat, ugly, or a bitch, in defense of your case.


  1. Designers are giving Wrenja stuff to blog about? That too is also hard to believe. That blog sucks ass and so does that lucky chair group that she took over. I remember when LCS use to be a decent group and than Wrenja joined. I hope you read this you cankerous bitch. You are a poop stain on the underwear of humanity. You also need to learn Photoshop or at least gimp for fucklesake. You do know those programs, right? ^_^

  2. i know there's a lot of anonymous' out there right now but you, you definitely get today's vote. me and my sidelining friends all think your use of "poop stain in the underwear of humanity" should qualify you for the nobel laureate poet position

  3. All this over a post you made, I don't see what was so wrong with the original post and now you have a lynch mob after you. Are these really adults? I think they need to step away from second life, plurk, all of the internets in fact and get their real life sorted out. The people behind these avatars are starting to remind me of what these people look like in this SL/RL story.


  4. can someone plz pull up that mtv feature about online living that had second life in it too? there was a girl who couldn't handle leaving her apartment she was so agoraphobic but she paid her rent doing webcam sex with men online.

  5. Wow...what a gross assumption of Wrenja. She doesn't ask people to give her shit before it goes out. Get this...they GIVE her shit before it goes out.

    But then again I'm fairly certain anything I say in defense of her will mean nothing. Obviously you must know her better than most people to be able to assume things in the manner in which you do.

    I like the first "Anon" you have posting on this however. "fucklesake" sounds just like those asinine teenager words you toss around. I guess by posting as Anonymous you can turn around and say "oh look guys, someone agrees with me!"

    And btw...Wrenja doesn't even have kick abilities in LCS, let alone the ability to ban people...so I guess she must be running Clara's group now, right? >_>

    (look Mom, I can has an anonymous posting too...)

  6. ahahah yes, i post anonymous comments in response to my own blog. because i am so scared to say what i honestly think, clearly. and by the way, i'm not going to disrepect the pact i made with all the designers i discuss by mentioning names, but wrenja did in point of fact ask one very well known designer, a nice lady from the west coast, to give her the dresses in the lucky chair before they came out and before the chair went out as well. this woman specifically asked for my insight and advice as to what to do and how to treat the situation, which it was clear to me involved her being made to feel uncomfortable and taken advantage of. but hey, you must be one of the three people who actually likes wren anymore, all of whom post on love/hate, so hi! guys! how is posting the notecard freebies going today for you?

  7. also, if i don't know wren, or prudence, or any of you from the grey blog personally, it is because there was a complete shut down in conversation when and if i would try to discuss anything beyond second life clothing and freebie hunting. all i know about wrenja is how she behaves on second life, and honestly, i'm not impressed. at least i *think* i know pru's name....if only because it happens to be prudence?

  8. and finally, you are all lucky that i am lax enough to permit anonymous posting at all, otherwise you couldn't get your snide little attempts at comebacks in every two hours

  9. Well this is the only blog I feel I can say this but, I feel like the only person on SL that isn't a big Sn@tch customer, so I am not heartbroken at all by their withdrawl. The fact that the owner couldn't buck up and just mute complaints turns me off more. Don't start stuff you're not going to finish, all you gridwide hunt vendors. You can bawwwww about harassment after the hunt.

    I'm anonymous because I prefer to stay in LCS, which is my favorite and most useful group despite some of its mods (one of whom was threatening bans on anyone criticizing the Twisted hunt yesterday).

    BTW nothing against the efforts of DV8, which is still win and not responsible for the withdrawls and constantly moving cubes to more obscure places. >.>

  10. Eeeeeeps! ASKING for freebies? I mean.. hrm.. I don't think this is something that I would personally ever do.. I don't feel that because we are freebie bloggers that we deserve any special treatment because of the fact. I wouldn't want to do that because if I think whatever the item is SUCKS, then I'm not going to post it.. and then I'd feel bad if this person gave something to me hoping I'd blog about it and they never see it on my blog.
    I don't blog for the designers.. I blog for people like me who wanna look great without paying an arm and a leg for crap.
    Hell, a store I was at during the hunt had this cute outfit in their NEW section.. they wanted 500L for the friggin' thing! 500L!!!!!
    I wish everyone did like Barerose and realize the less you sell your stuff for, the more of it you'll sell because more people can afford it. Has anyone ever seen BR empty? I haven't..
    So that's where I come in.. and many others with the same goals as me.. To show y'all that there are great finds out there if you look.. and we do the lookin' for you so you don't have to.. mainly because we ENJOY doing it! At least I do..
    I'd never think to ask for something.. or feel I deserve it. Noone owes me anything and I can't stand it when people walk around thinking the world owes them a favor.

    Not saying this is the case with this particular blogger, having not been a part of the conversation myself, but in general.. that's my two cents.

    <3 freebie blogs!!

  11. that reminds me honey, i'm going to start a sectional list of cheap ass stores that don't suck ass, and i will even go so far as to say i bet 90% of them are asian...american designers, and store owners think you should pay their rent, as it turns out. and most people should honestly just be designing/selling to support their own linden expenditures. i tp into stores and malls with lucky boards all the time and i pause and look around and the outfits themselves on the board are 30-80 lindens total. i don't know why a reasonable price point doesn't seem to be in the language of americans or even native english speakers.

    that being said, i scoop up fatpacks of 500L items for 1800L or whatever if i feel they are worth it, and truly, some of the stores and designers obviously put their heart and soul into the work and i'm willing to fork over $1 usd to support these artists and essentially buy their art. in fact, most of my favorite clothing stores on second life have an average outfit/dress price point of 500L and i don't even balk at it anymore, you just have to wisely consider why and when and how you will hand over your money to these people and if you want to continue doing so after they become outraged at simple and inherent customer service issues like, say, whining, complaining, and bitching. people have been telling me, "oh rebecca, you wouldn't dare do this in a real store in the real mall in the real world!^%" when the truth is if i walk into neiman marcus and see a t-shirt selling for $80 i will stand there and piss myself laughing depending on what the snarky logo on the tee itself may be. there are snooty store owners in the real world. i'm thinking of a wedding dress store called suky rosan in my area where you can't even get in the door without an appointment to look. if you want your customers to be so limited and you want a presorting mechanism, go forth and do so! i would think that banning any irritating customers one by one from pulse sim might result in all regular users and shoppers being banned from shopping therein, and that also might cause some dilemmas in the profit margins. mostly though, i like how i have become a scapegoat for speaking my mind, even if it involved bitching, because to be perfectly "real" (and i know most second lifers can't handle doing this either) i want to shop wherever i please however i please with my lindens and i don't want to be martyred to some bullshit cause like a "hunt" that usually just involves the store putting a box out in the front display of the entry. also, like, since then, anyone i chat with in welcome areas or anyone who independently runs across this blog/the entries involved is/are always commenting, "WHAT THE FUCK? PEOPLE CARE THAT MUCH?" to which i can only sigh and respond, i guess so!

  12. here is a picture of Dear Dancien that someone linked me to. thank you guys all looking out for me in the sidelines, hay, guess what, you're ugly too dancy! http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Babb/1421373364

  13. Wren sounds like an incredible person.

    Not everyone can get bucketfuls of Second Life scum to spend DAYS obsessing over them.