Thursday, March 19, 2009

across the street from your storefront cemetary, hear me hailing from inside and realize i am the conscience clear, in pain or ecstacy

i found more diplo mixes on youtube someone plz to tell itunes to keep up with underground shit. sorting, and only sorting lately. i feel like a damn smashing pumpkins song. there's a new visa ad with morgan freeman doing the voiceover and today playing in the background that's like the emo triple threat you never saw coming. anyway, i found this kunglers dress hiding in the dress folder, it's called amazonia and i naturally paired it with the highly exotic "ethnic" skin previously discussed from skinthesis. threw on some "safari zebra" jewelry and i feel appropriately tokenized. actually i keep coming back to this skin because the eye make up is so fabbo and hunting at oz i blended in with all the brown buildings and green decorations so i took some random pictures. i bet other scavengers were watching me thinking why is this bitch taking snapshots when there's hunting to be done but i can't even get into hunting anymore really. i'm actually experiencing a sort of catharsis with the purge of excess inventory in this whole sorting process. also finding the hottest shit i have and finally getting a chance to wear it, including this dress. i noticed a preference emerging for bizarre couture outfits and clothes that have themes like a project runway assignment would have. dresses with skirts of leaves or the fudge dress from spoonful of sugar or the cheeseburger eat me set from starlust motel. i've realized a ton of what i collected over the past 14 months was either total garbage construction wise or simply too boring to bother keeping. i guess i feel the same way about the people of second life. not to be mean. but yeah. you guys all love to harass me, can you shift for maybe a few days or so and grief ferris to the point where he stops calling me every damn week? i dunno, use something like, "ferris loves fatties!" or some shit. btw ferris wheedled my cell number out of me by means of a come on along the lines of "i think you're going to be famous one day, and i want to know you" so put that in your troll ogre pipes and smoke it. i have extra lighters if you need. no safety cuz that's how i roll.

"every job i ever had i had to give in
the first day i found how to pimp the system
two steps ahead of the manager
and gettin' up on the regular tax free money out the register
and when i'm workin' late nights and stockin' boxes
i'm creepin' they merchandise
and don't put me on dishes, i'm droppin' them bitches
takin' all day long to mop the kitchen, shit
we ain't gettin' paid commission
minimum wage modern day staid conditions 
got me flippin' burgers with no power
'cane would buy one of what i make in an hour
i'm not the one the kids ask for the top position
i take mine off the top like a politician
where i'm from doing dirt is a part of livin'
i got my own to feed dog i got to give in"
oh my own voice cannot save me now.
one more breath and then i'll go down

...also, lawl hardcore off my chair at the guy in the youtube comments who thought he got rick rolled by t3h hollarific remixation. someone make this into an mp3/m4a for me i will pay you $0.99 in equivalent lindens. plz thx bi.



  2. "have you ever noticed how your shit is STUFF, and their stuff is SHIT?" -george carlin

    and it's not crap! OK???