Tuesday, March 17, 2009


fuck sorting! i'm down to 70K ish and it's time to take a charity shopping break. i'm at rfl sim 1, ugh....8 more of these? i'm buying anything worth buying in the relay vendors, think it's a little silly that the rest of the vendors are even up...but hey, i'm too much of an idealist i guess i'd just put the charity items in one place so someone well intentioned like myself can scoop them up easy as pie without being distracted by other dresses and clothes vendors. 

team relay raiders appears to have raised nearly 2MILLION lindens.  i've got my measly $100 or so to add to that and let's have at it!

but hey, join me. put your money where my mouth is.
i'm not even wearing hair, and i'm bald and beautiful for damn sure.
AND. tons of pink items W00t you know i'm in slheaven.

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