Saturday, March 28, 2009

i always wanted a sister

i have two brothers. but really, i literally dreamed about having sisters throughout childhood. i don't know what i'd do with three. i do know the three i'd choose if i could though. yes, THE sisters. i try to be true to my word. i said i would show the dresses dream passed me a while ago and never did. but i am feeling utterly revolted these days so it's about time i pulled out this revolting dress. no, i am not abusing the designer. it's called the revolting dress. the texture is dark and sordid shades of a most fetid brown, and i totally appreciate the sentiment behind this frock. i also appreciate that dream passed it to me in a week-ish phase where everyone was more directly hating on me, as a gesture of sympathy but also expressive of the sense of humor most real people of quality should have which i try to hang onto when seated at my computer. i've been going a little crazy lately; my shopping has taken a turn for the imitative...scooping up hairs and skins i perv on others, most recently i was set off by some shots of kata in minajunk skins, so here's one i snagged from the "bad" line (also appropriately named skin for a revolting outfit), as well as the pudge satanic dance hair in white i noticed on her a while ago in store. 

anyway, so much for me having sisters...i think my parents are a bit old for another kid. in the meantime i will stand on my own on the shores of life, i mean, on the shores of scribble.

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