Friday, March 27, 2009

the rainbow connection

why are there so many songs about rainbows?

thankfully, kitty's got a brand new dance. yay callie cline having talented animators at her beck and call. got it free today during a ten minute free spree. me and the ever dancing glurp are rocking out in the welcomeness getting our boogies down like some kind of a production. he is in alien camo behind the bush, for real. he's there. he's *always* there.

this unicorn shit is pretty um, gay? for lack of a better word. i've gayed it up to maximum gaydar levels with a full-on rainbow attack.
sanu rainbow gummy-bear choker
scribble rainbow flying gummies
violet voltaire rainbow harajuku tiara
ella bella rainbow ravin' nose pierce set
kat rainbow unicorn dress
selena's sasquatch rainbow wand and free rainbow earrings
miasnow star tats in multicolors
love kitty rainbow brite boots
some rainbow bracelets from "VBD" dunno what this means
and the gritty kitty brite hair in black with rainbow streaks in the front fuzz
and a unicorn horn from Illusions thank kat for this tip

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