Tuesday, February 3, 2009

one awesomely shitty outfit

omfg time kids. this is by far the most personally amusing outfit i've found in second life in a year. the cheeseburger outfit from starlust motel lobby for 1L prudence showed me is up there too but this...this is the shit, literally@!%%

while i was at the LA street scene hunt for little floating hearts (take a while to rezz, be patient, there are at least 12 or so at my last check) i went into The Sea Hole which i had seen before in a stall somewhere at a japanese mall sim but in this store i also found SKINS! the amazing skin i blogged in the last post was on the upper level of the LA street location store, and downstairs is filled with the Sea Hole's own unique brand of flare..including this freaking stellar and, as i noted in title, AWESOMELY SHITTY "toilet love set". and look! the brown subscribo gift boots from Truth are a perfect shade of poo too...yay! skin is one of the whole store of amazing skins from ti'ko who recently gave out a dollarbie skin in each of the sets available now in store for full price. checking my notices pays off immensely in the form of freebies/cheapos...then i go and ruin it all by buying all the full price packs anyway :/ jewelry is from violet voltaire, as usual, it goes with everything! like i said a million times already. 

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  1. haha you should have topped the outfit off with the "my shoes are shit but these ones are free" or whatever the name is, from She's So Unusual Shoes.. 2 pair of freebie shoes with toiletpaper and poop on them ;)