Sunday, February 8, 2009

skip the kissing, just fuck me now

i hate valentines day!$^^7 but this shit is hot, i cannot deny i am growing ever more aroused by my own avatar. is that wrong? yes. i know it is. don't answer rhetorical blog questions.
it would be too exhausting to extoll how awesome each of these finds is in the detail it deserves so i'm just resorting to listing what's worn in the outfit again.

Deviant Kitties petite hair white (i heart particles obviously)
Dilly Dolls skin got it for 20L at the sale a few weeks ago! shit is hot.
Aurora lucky chair star body tats everything in these chairs now is bodacious and the store looks svelte as hell
Dark Goddess Designs valentines horns free at Love/Hate blog headquarters opening! tons of amazing gifts, be sure to drop by and congratulate my fellow blog ladies. cheers guys, thanks for rounding up some awesome free shit!
Hal'Hina fruit eyes apple free at some point
Sugar Rush custom salvage, black silly licorice smile, fishing at Prettiful
Aurora Borealis Gift for Kissed Hunt-l'amour pearl choker
Material Squirrel Krayl Demon wings in red (picks reward gift free!)
Trubble head on a stick from the "Die Cupid" kiss hunt gift...there's also an awesomely bitter "Boycott V-Day" outfit for 1L out front
Biddle Boots Kissed hunt gift Garter
Katat0nik poison Fruit Bra/Panties set (not free but so effing hot)
SLink Valentine Glamour Heels only 100L and look at the prim feet, the toering, the foot ink, the nails, the shoe itself, UGH i want them ALL. better than the stiletto moody sale where you got something like this for "only" 1800 linden or whatever. GO. GET. NOW. or just ask me for 100L, everyone should have these shoes. fuck me now! kthx bi.


  1. Would it make you feel better if I said I'm growing aroused by your avatar too? :P

    Those heels are hella hot btw!

  2. strider saya hella this and hella that
    Raises her eye brow..

    I have a never ending sickness i think every one is cockmaster and every one who wants to talk to me and dont know them is some kind of alt of some one...

    AA Alt Anonymous !! Yes thats it ...

    Pays 100 L to start group now :P