Tuesday, February 10, 2009

scribble this

oh hay. i keep getting distracted by hunts within hunts. here's the jewelry prizes from the latest sanu quest. included in the 10 prizes are two choker options one with pendant one without, three sets of earrings, simple drop, longer drop, and chandelier style, as well as the lipring and a nose ring i couldn't get positioned properly myself, just to name a few. sanu's note to the group and fashcon indicated her acknowledgement of hunt fatigue syndrome across the grid. but as her words insist, her hunts are "different" and i can't help but agree. each time sanu sets up a hunt she includes a 10 part story within the hint notes. you can do what most will and just scroll to the bottom to gloss out the main hint but if you take the time to appreciate sanu's hardwork, you will see that she has a very particular and loveable style of storytelling that reminds me of childhood folklore and british literature all in one. enjoy yourself, and feel free to ask me or other fellow hunters for tips and tricks if you are lost on a clue. most of all though, relish in the beauty that sanu constantly showers on her group with gifts and the grid through the means of these and other hunts. thank you so much sanu! i knew there was a reason why i have an entire folder with your name...

also, check out how lovely the sim itself is set up with sanu's newest build in this latest of moves. feel bad she has to move so much but each time we get a new surprise and a new landscape to explore. checking out each and every tiny piece of the details is part of what will get you successfully through this hunt so get out there and strip down to your valentines skivvies to avoid the lag. 


  1. I couldn't agree more! I think this will be a more permanent home, as Radio is a sweetie ^-^ Isn't it just gorgeous there? I seriously sat on the raft in the bay for ages, and took many snaps. ^-^ I love Sanu's hunts, and now that sanu and scribble are together? what else more awesome could it be?? (HINT check out scribble's newest "choose your own gift" lucky board gifties! you'll die of happiness)

  2. don't forget sanu's custom fishies too <3 oh em gee. i did not know about the choose yr own (strike)adventure(strike) gift chairs! must go when lag allows...