Thursday, February 5, 2009

file under: doll

hmm, so i'm trying my best not to just totally overlap with everything free blogged while i shop, but it's criminal to overlook the free and lucky chair finds that are just so damn awesome. here's one such outfit from another designer friend i've already posted about before but this newest dress on the lucky board at WhoNose is just too darling to miss. i'm stalking the lucky board at WigWamBam which Ding found and blogged here but in the meantime there's awesome deco here and a martini glass with poses, among other things like pink curtains, pink frames, pink pink pink!!! this dress may not be pink itself but the whole look screams doll and very pretty doll at that. i think full retail this is only like 100L or so, so even if you don't have the patience to wait for a lucky prize go ahead and scoop up this goodie. Rarurick Ragu, the designer, has just started her store this year but already the whole line is very well done, skirts come with resize scripts, everything is totally as it should be for the top of the line designer items, but it's just raru! yay! there's also a bunch of cute outfits set as dollarbies, and dresses range from 25-100L so very affordable, all of them cute in their own styles. check it outttt y'all.

WhoNose Doll Pidgeon (lucky chair color) comes with ribbon choker and garter, prim sleeves
Ki2 skin once a mystery dollarbie
Tarnished Cherry Tap shoes (with leggings) once a free subscribo gift
Church of Luxe Loren leggings in black once a subscribo gift 
House of Heart hair Elusive Black 1L, store new/free promotions all the time, check yr notecards
A&A adore/abhor fishnet gloves black free in lucky chair

note to readers: JOIN SUBSCRIBOS, READ NOTECARDS AND STALK LUCKY CHAIRS, moral of this outfit. i don't do anything special to get all my great free shit, i just have a lot of time. 

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