Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Despite our best efforts, life has been temporarily disabled

Don't read this if you're only hunting free stuff. oh you're just stalking me? ok then. i got a notice a while ago from miss navina the mistress of Cutie Honeys all over the grid, and i guess i didn't click immediately because when i tp'ed in to the store today to play with the fun gadgets there was another gift! literally!!! a gift box to play around in with poses and cuteness of course. here's me and my cutie honey being sweet as candy. speaking of sweet, this is the aria 51 complete avatar from The Abyss i was speaking disdainfully of before. i know, i know, even the name choice is slutty, but i had barbies when i was a kid, not going to lie. looks like i captured her in constantly supine positions...wonder what second freude would say. barbies are great anyway, for anger management, and chopping off someone's hair and yanking their head out of it's socket when you don't want to go to jail. also, if 2009 is the year of the cow, does that mean *THIS* will finally be my year?

all featured posey items from navina's store Cutie Honey all pictures at her store parcel
slurl's in lucky chair list on the sidebar, since i can't login atm obviously.

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