Monday, January 26, 2009

blog list list of prize lists

i'm too lazy right now, having a bit of a case of the mondays.
here's a list of all the amazing freaking things i have won as custom catches from longtime favorites

*Ki2* waves bracelet in red, purple, orange, green
~silentsparrow~ toxine swim suite in fog, scarlet, cocoa, ash, lime
...fishie vest in azure, blood, copper (pictured here by another sl fashion blog)
...swimmy fishie in argent, pinky, sea
....possum shoulder buddy in cloudy
Schadenfreude earrings in the following styles, grey pearl studs, gold fishhooks, iron fishhooks,blue verdigris fishhooks, black pearl studs
...brown leather pirate hat, black leather pirate hat
...silver crab, green mudcrab, sterling silver clam, deviled crab, little white frog, little purple frog, little pink frog
Big Crabby Panties in Purple and Pink, Little Crabby Panties in Purple
Love Soul common fish *milk candy cow*, Popie Hair pack in black, brown, and blonde

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