Thursday, January 15, 2009

awesome possums

oh HYA 'gain!!! yes, again!!! i want to be her loudest sparrow ever. so, i find that i tend to never exactly "change" outfits in sl but it slowly morphs as i edit attachments and switch colour schemes. so here's the same blue gown from moxie polano in the end of yesterday's outfits carrying over to suffice as mah posts for today cuz i think the shoulder bird alone deserves it's own post. so freaking cute, perfectly sculpted, simple but not amateur, and wildly bright (unless you get the more austere black option) little birdy for your shoulder, scripted to change expressions indicated through the eyes they can be sleepy, angry, etc. hya's designs have always been outstanding but i love the additional items she creates with the clothes like the stellar set of peacock wings included in the pica set i'm wearing at sweet leonard with the sexually obscene pandas. 

Silent Sparrow possum shoulder friend in candy pink (comes in 6 other colors!)

worn again (but completely athiest)
...TechnoNeko pink glow tail and ears set available at the super bright and guaranteed seizure inducing Tunnel of Light shop after the teacup have to walk right from TP point to the dock and fall down the paper sailboat rabbit hole then walk down a long tunnel to the start of the ride, but this is a must not miss sl adventure take a friend to ooh and aah with, particularly if you know someone with an amphetamine addiction
...MP Moxie Polano Mystic Rivers gown
...Zero Style hair not free but there's a chair here and several freebies on the counter inside
...The Staff of Hearts, only one that exists, created by a lost friend Milo Bellow
...WeIrD Designs angel wings tattoo free in either lucky chair or store gift, still available!
...A&A Adore Abhor fishnet half gloves free as a lucky chair prize

yes, i am testing how many pictures i can load on this bitch. i would also like to know where the profits go in terms of political and commercial donations but we can't always get what we want now can we? or even what we need. even if we try. *coughs violently* i can, however, get emphysema. without trying too!!!! I WIN.

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