Wednesday, January 14, 2009

getting past bushes [aka, time to bust out the camera and party]

yay!!! 6 days. i think daily show might have a minute countdown clock. that's right, black is the new president, bitches. i'm so glad to get past all this bush shit. in front of this plant lies glorious, promising and beautiful blackness!$^^...and by that i mean the new moxie polano gown in the lucky chair! DUH. what else would i be talking about? sheesh.

outfit 1
...A&A adore abhor paperbag princess dress w/hat (i stalked their lucky chair forever to get this)
...Otaku Design Emo Tats free at some point!
...SANU Candy Hearts set, choker, legband, armband, all give out tiny mouth candies galore on click, much like the schadenfreude stocking of goodies so don't stop clicking if you want every profane possible love message on a pastel delicate mouth munchy. if your friends get these, click them! go on, click everyone, click all of you! you clickers, you.
...Wasabi Pills Miss New Years Eve skin from lucky chair
...Wasabi Pills eyes from Absolute Zero limited edition set. only a few more days to get this!
...PINK FUEL!!!!! past group gift, purple bunny legwarmers, look at the awesome details and sculpts on these and the purpley pearls and tell me you don't need to join now.
...Eat Rice! Vylorna hair i perved on the lovely Miss Juniper and ran to buy in all colours, the bangs also colour change on click. yes....i am very pro-choice. just check my group tag
...Atomic Paige Heels

outfit 2
...MP moxie polano silver lily gown (new lucky chair prize, NEW AMAZING GOWN ONE EVERYDAY IN COMING WEEK, if ever there was a chair and a time to stalk, it is this one NOW)

worn in pictures with: 
...Jaywalk Liah boots free in lucky chair
...MVS xtreme reality skin free from POE globe! your loss!!!
...Moxie Polano Le Majestic Masquerade mask lavender 
...Bewitched Hair rock star coral from free new release gift jan. 12th
...Little Heaven free! camp hair amedeo plum mesh from amedeo special camp box
...ALSO WEARING MISS BANRION, she looks lovely on me doesn't she? i mean with, with, right. this amazing goddess of the wastelands helped me come up with the title of this blog! another incredible human being/avatar i am indebted to permanently. *massive huggles*
Ban is wearing the Ivalde Baroque Gown in gold, as well as House of Heart fabulosity hair with feathers, once free as a new release gift, stock up on free hair bitches!
...ALSO stalking morrigan, "The" Black Canary some more at the sugar mills anicia's rezday celebration last night
...MP moxie polano mystic waters of swan lake, hat in the balloon pics with ban sold separately, but so lushly detailed with a sculpted dolphin amidst feathery blue ripples of waves

...MP moxie polano mystic waters of swan lake gown
...Dark Goddess Designs water wings and angel horns [theres tons of opportunities for freeness in this store though for those of you sl paupers, there's a prize pyramid that requires some waiting, and five lucky chairs (including the three lucky presents out now) all in the foyer towards the "front" of the castle ("front" in quotes because it's only my sense of direction in the place, i should look up coords i guess) but also four!!! midnight mania's for horns, silks, and everything weird, just case the walls of the main room and you will hit all the boards. for the record though, these wings/horns were only about 300L each as i recall and given that the glow feature on them actually pulsates and has motion in the glowing...pretty cool if you ask me. i also had to get the fire set, naturally, and i will be waiting for the designer to make wind and earth too...just a suggestion!
(none of this outfit is free sure does LOOK pretty!!!)


  1. Woohoo! Partay down for President Orwell.. I mean Obama!

    Freezing is warming! Tax cheating is a "common mistake"! Rangell is going to reintroduce his military draft bill! Let the good times roll!

    Say hello to the new boss, no better than the old boss, just gets better treatment by the press.

    But me do likey the dresses. :)

  2. Pazzazz has hair chairs too