Friday, January 23, 2009

the waiting game of (second) life

le sigh. still trying this method of asset server (asshat server) reloading that hya suggested before continuing to panic. morrigan is also providing me some retail returns therapy, loading back up my lost stock from The Black Canary in the meantime while i wait. also i know i'm like #467 to blog this but here's me in the new piece called "Lovebound" which comes with a highly literarily erotic promotional bit of prose from Morrigan's mind. which i am digging my hole, i mean, way into. check out the darling details on the back of the jacket, the front is also bound up with the drawn corset stitching and the frill chest piece is just divine, even to a devout athiest. morrigan's designs are worth every linden, every hundreds of lindens you should go spend to buy the whole line already, which grows rapidly and ever better... if one can improve from perfection. if you are unemployed and broke as hell though (i mean, if you're from the US) then don't fret! morrigan has been so generous as to offer a wide selection probably constituting at least half of the available for purchase outfits in the lucky chair at the mainstore! usually a store of this quality offers one or two outfit/dress selections to the customers in the chair/s but morrigan's winged heart knows no bounds, bringing us all closer to loveliness and the dandy life in this second world with creations as unique as they are enchanting. 

ps-did you know you can sit on the ground? just, sit on it. i probably haven't tried this since i was less than three months old but it's kind of cute even? no?

...The Black Canary "Lovebound"
...[MVS] xtreme reality (XR) female skin-marie pink 2 free in POE globe
...EyeFidelity free pink heart pupil eyes i found along with a ton of other pretty and detailed free eyes at the opening of this great new store 
...Nightshade Fallen Disgrace boots new in the mobvend goes down to 99L! these boots are also hot as heck and have a similar cross detail on one boot upper leg shaft and the back of the boot base, perfect to pair with morrigan's suit, and i think it passed approval from the black canary

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your problems with SL Rebecca. It does turn one of SL. I lost about 15,000 items but temporarily some time ago, but luckily after a few days they turned up again.

    My landlord is incensed since he has lost several spaceships which cost him a fortune. I hope all is well soon and what a lovely surprise from Morigann whose chair I am currently stalking. She is a very generous person.

    JMB Balogh in SL