Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i heart second life?

i do! (i think) at the very least i know i love playing dress up. valentine's day is umm, not the best holiday for me, beyond the commercialism and hallmarkishness, the idea that you should be nice and sweet to your family and friends and lover for one day out of three hundred and sixty five is vaguely offensive. HOWEVER. i can be swayed back to some sort of baseline neutrality when you throw in the color scheme for the treats on this most painful of dark february days. ok, red, obviously. but you're not using your imagination...PINK. FUCKING PINK MADNESS, that's right. i imagine pink probably raises the brains natural seratonin levels, but that's just a theory and i might be wrong. 

so of course the same way you can make yourself sick binging on candy and sweets all month leading up to saint valentine's evil celebration of love which you probably won't get if you keep eating all that chocolate fatties, you can probably overdose on sweet treats on the grid during this season, post xmas/new years/pre christian egg laying resurrection bunnies. so if you didn't stop eating back after christmas enough to fit into a chilly mid winter bikini irl maybe you can just join the hordes of secret fatties playing pretty on second life! it's so easy, it's a gift. here's some gifts in pink that make me love myself not quite as much as i hate everyone else. 

next post will be another fabulous heartful piece of art in redddd but my fingers are freezing atm and sl is not cooperating.

...Whimsy skin Vanilla v.2 watermellon (sic)
...LVS&Co. lollygirls lilmiss green (includes worn lolly in hand) was once 50L on clearance in tons of colors now gone but the store always has cutey doll stuff like this
...Pink Fuel pink/white heart lollipop once free as a group gift, but star lolli in lucky chair now, which may be even better because, yes!! you guessed it, it color changes!!!!
...Violet Voltaire Lollipop Guild jewelry rainbow set, added the key sold separately
...Junwave/Love Soul lucky chair hair collaboration Sweets Princess hair-B in pink (also comes decorated with sculpted donuts in the buns but my tummy aches from the sugar)
...poses from the amazing Venturino over at My Second Life on the D-List look for these and other freebies at his new store VPoses with the barcode 000L

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