Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tp to home for the holidays

(not the greatest picture but in my kissing booth i was cute enough that miss claus gave me both presents :D)

oh hay again. end of the year. almost one year in this crazy grid place thing. just contemplating some of the highlights of this holiday, and i keep thinking about perhaps the most fun i had at an event even though i only hung out for about ten minutes...
i'm talking about the moxie polano sit on miss moxie claus' lap session where people lined up to sit in her lap and she would inquire if you had been naughty or nice and you then got to pick a present from her lovely store in the haute couture sim. moxie designs the most exquisitely divine, shimmering, flowing gowns for all events and seasons, and she has become a staple in the lucky chair circuit for her growing numbers of free items available for simply waiting around with some friends. she is obviously generous of spirit but this event solidified my appreciation for her kindness and talent which companied with great patience and merchandise, makes her store a must visit for all clothes whores in sl.

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