Wednesday, December 24, 2008

+++Blue Blood+++ is thicker than water

So, you're in a store, and something so amazingly awesome catches your eye that you don't even think twice you just  buy it on what some might label "impulse." Shortly thereafter the unboxed goodness in folder form gets stashed away like a hidden gift to yourself, to be found only at the moment of utmost need when you clearly have nothing left to wear. Such was the case when i happened upon this intricate, colorful, and prim rich harajuku set in pastel from +++BLUE BLOOD+++.  Blue Blood is obviously an amazing store, not only for the level of quality of the goods Ghanima produces and the love she puts into the true art of her textures and designs, but furthermore Ghanima is generous in the face of some of the clear pitfalls of what in my chat with Ghan i suggested we refer to as "freebie leeches." generally these are the type of people who will either not use lindens at all or will just leave their computers on overnight camping for the pittance that camp chairs dish out in order to buy 0 and 1L cost items anywhere they can and continue in this fashion essentially endlessly benefiting from designers generosity and talent but sometimes extending this sense of entitlement towards negative comments, complaints, even notecards bitching or whining about something that's ultimately free and an act of charity on the part of the business owner, who in this case is moreover truly an artist and deserves compensation for her craftwork. speaking of which, clickee on the picture in this post and really take a good look at the textures on the corset beneath the tulle on the neck poof. the tulle has octagonal freaking holes in it just like the real deal and the scarf under it curves the way cotton really would. i mean, talk about attention to detail? the corset too is just super pretty floral print but i'm 99% sure it's ghan's handdrawn creation. ANYWAY. despite all this e-drama, Ghan's kind spirit continues to shine through in her art and her second life.  she is not only one of the foremost hunt offerers where the hunt actually contains SUPERB quality items, with freebies constantly on the front desk and a short timer/ed lucky chair with seasonal and new release dresses to make your mouth water and hit your letter relatively rapidly, but she is also simply a joy to chat with, and she can frequently be found at the store welcoming and bantering with visitors.  ok, gushing near end now. ghan is just good peoples, all i'm sayin'. go check out the store and make your mastercard hate you. OR NOT!

featured freebzes:
...[][]trap[][] group gift rock skin F of heart hair, old group gift from sept. 4 - scoop in cream 
...moloko snowflake body tats 1L 
...(not shown but i wear with this outfit and they match insanely) fishy strawberry venezia pumps previous lucky chair prize but the current one is super hot as well 

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