Tuesday, December 23, 2008

*Cutie Honey* Babycakes Muffinpie Darling

oh! hello again. yes, i have too much free time, if that is what you were going to ask. no, i am not currently employed. MOVING ON.

navina waco! when i see this surname i always think "janet reno really messed up didn't she?" and then i think "wacko!" which is generally more suitable and relevant to second life than american politics. or maybe....it's applicable to american politics too??? ANYWAY.

i was digging through old freebie blogs and found a link to a store with an adorable checked christmas dress so i headed on over to navina's store *Cutie Honey*.  Well, as soon as i tp'ed in navina herself was there dancing around on her amazingly crafted animated objects and i was immediately taken with the place. in the store at the time was a gelatin mold in a jello bowl with fruits decorating it that you can boogie on or sit on top of according to your whims.  i was already excited enough about the lucky chair prize but stalking the chair rapidly digressed into a full on chair party, and navina then busted out the most amazing item i've ever seen on all of second life anywhere. by far my favorite item in my entire inventory, which is over 51K at this minute. speaking of wacko....fruit loops is somehow symbolically so apt for a bunch of second life ladies to play around in. oh, second memories <3

navina also makes adorable seat options such as a moon and star swing and an ice cream bowl chair and omg so many things i can't even list that are cool there, a little cutesy handbasket filled with candy that gives out chocolate bars on click to friends.  even her available christmas dresses this year had specialized features like a set of red glowing antlers that play carols if you want. beyond which she offers three varieties on the sexy santa theme, which is a nice break from the straight up slutty santa baby stuff we are bombarded with nonstop.  picture two is an example of the tomboyish sexy santa i got there and one of the group gift christmas trees that is totally unique and bright and obnoxious just like me and navina <3>

oh, and...editing appearance is totally my fave pose of alltime. FO SHO.
k, someone tell me how to make pictures appear less blocked out and more intregrated with text plz? also, someone tell me how to make pictures go where i want them in the formatting? thanx!!!!!

***compulsive obsessive update 
yesss, i had to accessorize a bit. here's some good freebie tips popped up lately:
...Igems peppermint necklace 0 or 1L not anywhere in the store i slurl'ed but possibly out there somewhere still
...candy-cane cane (with which to cane people possibly named kane) 1L from Sanu
...candy cane leg holster 0L from fandabydozie
...lazy-places holiday satyr boots (very not free at all but completely one of a kind)
...domestic-v skin deadly envy doll skin (tears) from the 100L box of all 70 skins from 08-09

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