Tuesday, December 23, 2008

microphone checks in the mail, one two, one two?

oh hai. my name is okrebecca. you might remember me from such films as "that bitch is bipolar" and "the black lagoon," starring winston churchhill. i like to shop. even for virtual pixel clothes on second life. ESPECIALLY for virtual pixel clothes on second life :( this blog is going to be about customer service and store quality issues in the second life virtual commercial culture. originally i was irritated enough by one interaction with a store owner/designer during a halloween pumpkin hunt where i accidentally bought 1400L worth of dresses which were invisible prim displays in front of TINY hidden pumpkins in the store that i meant to click instead of the overpriced and underquality dresses i got stuck with instead with no recourse after the fact from someone refusing me in poor english. *SADFACE* but yeah, i realized, hey, i can do something about that. and it's not libel, it's not mean spirited, it's just documentation of experiences myself and anyone who will write into the blog or myself has had regarding financial and other interactions with the undeniably talented group of artists and creators spread across second life's grid.  so i begin this blog with an open call for stories, notecards, or other anecdotes of incidents involving either extremely satisfying and rewarding experiences with store owners and designers or alternately complaints and issues with the current business operations of any number of disappointing vendors.  

i would love to get dressed up all pretty and take pictures of my avatar for readers displaying favorites and let downs and so forth but i dunno how, and i need to figure out how to post slurls and links, so my first order of business is to get some blog skillz down and then i will update again with my first *real* post about the center of our (first and?) second lives: fashion! <3

...find me inworld as: okrebecca Dastardly 
and tell me your shopping stories to share with the selective!

i am an opinionated bitch at the core. everything i say will need to be considered within the context of this being a blog about the quality of real human interaction behind the superficial veneer of second life sales. whatever i may say it is my right to do so, and yours to disagree.

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