Monday, December 29, 2008

dirty stinkin hippie fly lady

oh. hai there ladies. this is me in rainbow brite outfit in front of my friend selena's store, Sasquatch Designs. selena's just started putting her merch up in this cute little shack a couple months ago but she recently put in a lucky chair and i have convinced her that her traffic is going to shoot up like colombian cartel rings. 

so like, selena's customer service is totally up my alley. most times you can find selena's av afk smoking a prim joint in a bathrobe with sandals on in the yard in front of her store. to say that this chick is laid back is a bit of an understatement, but i will include that term in my post nonetheless. stuff she sells includes what selena explained to me she would want but she hasn't really seen around the grid, so if you're interested in the bizarre but still cute and most definitely wearable check out some of these items:

xmas drunken party hat (lampshade with glowing lights on it)
pimp belt and hat and bling chain
top hat and monocle
cupcake headband
and some of my faves:
the hold animated weed plant in a clay pot
buzy bees (fly around your head)
and the most controversial item: dirty stinkin hippie flies (also fly around you because you are so dirty, you nasty filthy second lifers, you)

and for the freebie hunters!
0L emo panda toy
0L butt lollipop (for the back pocket of your sweet ass)
0L road crew gear
all inside the store against the left wall

or visit her store and find me idling on a tiny wee mattress in the yard

oh, and did i mention until selena gets back from holidays everything in the store is 25L!

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