Friday, December 26, 2008

Kat's Pajamas

The cat's pajamas is an expression used to indicate something outstanding. The expression originates from the late 1700's and early 1800's when E.B. Katz, an English tailor, was at work making "the finest silk pajamas for royalty and other wealthy patrons." (source)

Obviously i am obsessed with cats. recently this became linguistically extended to my having friends called kat and then again when i joined second life i found another kat who is so cute you want to take her home in a box and feed her warm milk through an eyedropper. 

cute is not really an adequate word to describe kat's art though, and the love she brings to all the cute-obsessed of the second world. her dresses are really textural applications of the art she has mastered in her real life. it is easy to categorize all sl designers as "artists" to some extent but much harder to apply the term to their real life status, and kat is certainly beyond doubt a true artist in all lives.  

i was browsing and drooling and oohing and aahing as i clicked through the galleries of her work for the first time and when i fell asleep that night i had visions of floating intricately lacey cats in purple and teal dancing on the back of my eyelids when i shut them. the art that is created on and for second life is clearly desirable and fascinating in it's own right but there is something so very emotional imbued into the tactile prints that kat offers via deviant. a gorgeously coloured print framed and resting on the bookshelf or against a wall continues to remind you of the beauty that people can and do constantly create in this world long after you've logged off from playing princess on the grid. if i were an art critic, which i am not, i would say something along the lines of "kat has mastered at an early stage of her career in the arts a wonderful sense of style and voice through her pieces" but as a simple second life fashionista i will simply say that her work is fabulous and sheer gorgeousness. 

that being said, if you do want to look like a perfect pristine princess and showcase amazing art at the same time, there is no better place to look than Katat0nik. she has a range of dresses featuring her art textures as well as accessories in perfect hues with ribbons and bows and all the nice bells and whistles you want in pretend dress up. one of my can't live without items is actually just a pair of eyelashes from Kat's store that have an options menu to switch which lid the lashes are on or to place them on both, alternate colours, and adjust thickness of the lashes. i just mix up the colours to go or contrast with whatever clothing's nearest to my face or sometimes to go with my the colour of the hair. either way, i'm not telling anyone anything new when i say that kat is an amazing designer for second life but i assume with everyone's typical reluctance to leak into first life that her prints and tactile art may be overlooked. 

ok, so she's a great artist. now what? oh! well, why don't you try to chat with her if you ever run into her? i know, you're probably thinking her internet fame has gone to her head! you'd be WRONG. kat is a very receptive, responsive individual in chatting with her, and the more i "accidentally" *WINK* run into her (so not really stalking you....but considering it!) the more i enjoy our conversations. if it is true that you can tell a lot about a person by the things they create and do, then you must realize that kat's life is filled with beauty and colours that can and do make everyone who partakes of her craft smile endlessly. 

thank you kat! plz to send yourself in a box for my christmas present, kthx.

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