Friday, December 26, 2008

have an ok holiday

yeah try not to have too exceptional a time driving drunk or anything thanks!

so um, here i am in a welcome area but pru told me i looked like a queen and i got dolled up mostly with freebies so while this has no real resonance with what i thought i would try to make the blog about i'm reverting to freebie flashing :( 

...feel like you've been stabbed recently? perhaps maliciously? or do people like to tell you "you sound fat?" well then, whale ladies, you should probably go check out the freebies from mijn boa at hotel dare because you can walk around disturbing everyone on second life if you sport this realistic quality harpoon (NOW WITH added blood prim art!) go to the hotel if you dare to run into w-hat trolls 

...perhaps you still enjoy kisses even though you mostly get them from sociopaths? merry christmas to you too, assholes! go get this mistletoe "kiss me" headband for free because it's still at FDS (FD Style) 

...finally starting to feel catty after so many weeks of griefing? purrhaps you can start a catfight with me because i got these awesome peppermint candy cat ears for 10L a couple weeks ago at Fluffy Bushy don't worry there's still some holly detailed 1L ears and tails out in a box too

...perhaps making me the most queeny is this regal cape gifted for 1L for xmas today from The Crystal Queendom who also have a lucky chair filled with posh gifts for the fancy pants on the grid

...underneath my ostentatious exterior i am really just an angel though :/ so i have on my terribly innocent hoodie bodysuit which was a gift from Bijou for xmas much earlier this month, and the store also has freebies hidden under a staircase somewhere if i recall, but the clothes are gorgy so go ahead and have a browser window shop while you're there 

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