Tuesday, December 23, 2008

my fateful journey to *prism*

so. as i explained in the introduction a negative experience launched my interested in creating this blog. but i want to start off on some positive happy feet so i'm going to give credit and mad props now to the first super nice designer lady i interacted with.  journey mclaglen is not only a lovely lady (omfg check 1st life pic for proof) but she makes beautiful virtual threads and her store constantly has deals and dollarbies. we all probably know about the dollarbie winter outfits that have been coming out weekly at the store, but if you haven't gone shopping there in any serious fashion you may not have experienced the kindness that is journey.  stopping in for one of the earlier non seasonal dollar outfits an in-store model caught my eye wearing this glittering sky blue number (hopefully pictured here in glorious n00b modeling/blogging fashion. i loved the layering on the skirts but the texture of the dress is really what sold me. got a little manic at the prettiness and started buying a couple other outfits. realized i was spending like a bipolar and i excused myself from the store after about 4 purchases. point is though, i had gone there in the first place because of the dollar item in a fashcon notecard, and the note also mentioned a buy one get one sale that i completely forgot about. potential tragedy! but it was averted because, omfg moment, journey the store owner/designer actually IMed me five minutes after i left the store to remind me that i could come back and get four more equal or lesser valued items free. happy happy joy joy! i mean, we all obviously know that sometimes you buy the free week's gift by accident, and you feel like a jerk, or you want more outfits than you think you should get anyway, and you ration yourself and try to whittle down the must-have list. but this was just like whipped cream on an already tasty sundae...journey and i chatted a bit in ims and she was just so pleasant to interact with. i seriously recommend you all check out the store, and keep your eyes out for notes about this same two for one sale because i see her advertising it almost every week or so.  

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