Saturday, January 31, 2009

starlust is the seventh deadly sin to my mastercard

so, you're bored of my fishing exploits? BUT THEY INVOLVE SHOPPING TOO!^$^%% come on people. like the other day, when i was collecting schadenfreude critters at starlust's boardwalk. noticed the stitch by stitch and bought the first dress in another post, then i kept looking around and recognizing names and loving clothes and what do we do when we loves us some clothes ladies? we buys them, that's right precious. i walked into the giant crab and walked out slightly less crabby because i found this awesome guppy dress! how appropriate is this for my new fishing mania? comes in several other colors too, but i like the black with all the colorful fishies i'm getting hooked on. check out the amazing sculpt work in the sleeves and the detail on the texture, it literally looks like um, wow, project runway is failing me, but i guess i'd refer to them as overlapping layers of rounded taffeta scales, and see if i got kicked off the show or not. the sculpt for the body of the dress and the two shoulders are just really impressive, if you wait and watch them load from the sculpts you can try to imagine shaping them yourself and then you'll probably come to the same conclusion i did, that you're glad gabby lime is selling them in the TWEE store for totally reasonable prices. 

twee-guppy dress in black
Coquette-OTK boots previous subscribo gift with complete outfit

and screw you if you don't like it, i'm showing you more custom catches!
goldfish hat purple
goldfish hat pink
celestial fish pink
celestial fish aqua
panda fish pink
all from FallnAngel Creations fishing bucket

pink, it's my new obsession. PINK: it's not even a question.

oh aerosmith, your lyrics are so shittily meaningless but the harmonica keeps me coming back everytime! well you know i like fishing already, so i decided i'd finally start to wear a few of the things i've gotten back since not recovering from inventory loss more than a week ago, and the cutest yome shouju thing i've regained lately was this lucky board dress in an amazingly appealing hue of PINK! yes. combining two obsessions now, pink, and fishing, and ending up with PINK FISH!?$ ftw. if you are not convinced yet that you should be fishing in ALL YOUR SPARE TIME on sl, then i will only have to continue posting amazing custom catches with all the fashionification. speaking of which, i have been bugging friends long since deleted multiple times from my friends list by passing them folders of duplicate fishies, but the problem is they are LOVING THEM!!$% like selena, who dropped the silver metallic butterfly headband worn amongst these pictures on me in a gift exchange, and is selling it now in her store at Sasquatch Design for only 20L!!! so go grab it, it's shiny and detailed and very super cute, cheap is just the cherry on the top.

custom catches/fishies shown:
-BFG-3000 (7seas rare)
-pink fishie swimmy (silent sparrow)
-merkat lovers (katat0nik)
-glinda the good witch chipmunk in pink (magic of oz custom from chipmunk shop)

...yome shoujo JAMpink (free from lucky board!)
...tiny black tophat from Flirt, three freebies inside on a shelf
...Butterfly headband from Sasquatch Design-ty selena! only 20L in store, freebies there too!
...Butterfly wings Lorelle in pink from Material Squirrel pawboots from Sweet Leonard
...last skin in bottom picture, Cherub valentines skin free from On the Catwalk lucky chair

ps-is it wrong that i'm quietly glad the Yes votes are beating the Heck Yes (christian) voters?

Friday, January 30, 2009

confessions of a phony freebie fashionista

1-i don't know how to tint my eyebrows. (or pubes? i assume you change both)
2-i cannot edit eyelash positions for the second life of me. and prim nails? just forget about it!
3-i don't always try on demos :( sometimes i make mistake purchases or just buy shit by accident.
4-i have never and will never attempt to modify a shape. sliders scare the crap out of me.
5-i don't know how to use photoshop. i don't even have the program.
6-most of my favorite inventory items/objects and clothes are or were free or 1L!
7-i substituted my new addiction to fishing for my old obsession with stalking lucky chairs.
8-i haven't even tried on at least 50% of my inventory. ever. just bought it and ran.
9-when taking pictures, half the time i forget to adjust the light settings to make it visible and blog worthy.

what do you have to confess my pretties?

where is my mind? ...and my inventory at that rate?

oh hai again. just another shout out lovefest clusterfuck to the poorhouse post about star of wretched dollies. new lucky chair items, new line of dresses in store, new chances to win, new clothes for me, AND MY OLD ONES BACK!!! star just rocks my socks off. i was #7 to im star when she set out the new line of dresses and i won this ADORABLE killer dress with shoes all over it called "fancy feets" guh dying of cute overload. amazing and perfect clothes raffle every time something new comes out? TOTALLY WORTH A GROUP SLOT, COME ON PEOPLES. so i violate my fellow alma mater's alumna miss stacy london when i go all matchy matchy with my accessories, i know, but i also will never wear 4 inch heels irl and pretend they are "comfortable, really!" anywho, picked out some new custom catches fishies that go perfectly with the shoes decorating the new dress and i'm feeling very cute, i must say. until i tried out the pose in the water bucket in the middle of the i guess, fishing area, in fallnangel creations mainstore. i suddenly felt like i was in the no surprises video :O let's see how long i can stay in this bucket and keep breathing and lip syncing to my own lyrics, shall i thom? k bi!

...Fancy Feets Dress from Wretched Dollies XOXO star!!!
...Sentou Yousei Moda Victorian Boots black on sale recently for something like 150L totally worth it! comes in other colors. go see if it's still on. 
...!Mingo! black girly hair free hair at one point, still available at store for sale 
...custom caught fish prizes, "falln rare fish" fat cute fish black, head octopus pink, celestial fish aqua all from FallnAngel Designs fishing spot

Thursday, January 29, 2009

fishing for dummies

maybe all the rampant vegetarianism and veganism are restraining second lifers from achieving their fullest potential in the fishing arena, but here's a (believe it or not) short list of tips, details, instructions and such to get you started.

1-buy a rod. 
demo rod is 1L but you can only cast 5 times and receive common fish prizes. it also takes no bait, and rewards you no experience points (XP) or levels

casual fishing rod is 100L and catches common through rare 7seas fishing prizes. again though, you can't load bait, earn points, or achieve levels status with this rod. Important edit: YOU CANNOT WIN CUSTOMS WITH THIS ROD.

don't be cheap. just buy the
professional fishing rod pack for 250L. this is all you will need to get started in your fishing addiction. once you buy this, you will also want to purchase bait. again, don't be cheap, if you want the custom catches as someone pointed out in an earlier comment on this blog, you're going to be casting more than 100 times with bait which is what the cheapie 30L bucket gets you (100 bait loaded) just power up kiddies and buy the 150L bulk bait delivery kit (600 pieces of bait loaded). to do all of this purchasing you need to STAND CLOSE TO THE VENDOR THINGY. very important tip. your purchase will not go through/and/or bait will not load if you are not standing directly next to the machine. once you have a pro rod loaded with bait you can ask local kiddies or im me for the /fish gesture that autoloads 30 casts at a time. this is a godsend, and could ultimately be edited to go on for hours or days if someone took the time and just added in the lines of scripts. anyway, have a seat and get chatting, because that's what fishing is all about. or just leave your avi idle fishing and go meditate in your bathtub, i don't really care! 

the next tip about fishing is crucial and you may not use straight away
the rod itself has several scripted features in an easy blue popup menu that you've probably seen elsewhere before now. one of the best time savers along with the /fish autogesture is the autodecline which will sort rarity levels for you while at the same time NEVER DECLINING CUSTOM CATCHES. you need not worry about losing possible customs and clothing prizes while you afk with the gesture or multitask and blog and chat in ims, which would otherwise be quite irritating with the /1 cast i've found is necessary without the f2 easy (but still not easy enough!) feature that comes with the rod kit. so, if you follow the organizational structure below and also use search when new fish come into your inventory you can try your best to avoid duplicates, or only save the level of duplicate prize fish you want. obviously it begins at common and goes all the way up to ultrarare, for those of us only looking to catch one or two more "SUR"s as they were so nerdily abbreviated for me in conversation with someone previously at kata's chair. this will not only reduce the load of blue popups you have to answer and view and decline but it will help encourage you to keep your lists sorted so you can quickly reference what types you're still fishing for etc. 

and finally, some organization of folders suggested by me and for use by you

-(7s) pro fishing rod pack
   -fishables landmark folder (ask me in world to pass you this!)
-dup fish
-fish from fishing
   -custom catches
-kat fish
-lazy fishes
-oz fish
-fishing stuffs

and yes, i found another perfect outfit finally. had to do a bit of shopping for it but that's second life...this is an amazingly detailed and dazzling dress from Stitch by Stitch which is directly behind the boardwalk fishing spot at Starlust Extended's dock area. the designer responsible for the gorgeousness at this location is also the one who created the super sick and rosey cheeked cutey skin posted on free*style a while back. [will add link when/if i find it again] all poses are from balls set up around the wintry landscape currently at Lazy Places in Growl. as you can see in one of the images maybe there's a 50% sale still going on there for some clearance items and some old classics, including keys, boots, and paw boots among other accessories from this team of inventive and gifted artists. i am wearing the not on sale but undeniably awesome black swan myth gryphon paw boots in the last few pictures. you can get started fishing here too! 

drunk dials at 8:32 am...who else would it be?

anywayyyy, speaking of bizarre things. i'm going to post some pictures of just my feet/legs. cuz these new legwarmers lola from Otaku Designs gave me for a belated rezzday gift are so cute, they are her new cupcake line and they come in all sorts of colors of course i got the pinkness because miss lola knows me too well already. there's also this new set of love hurts legwarmers in the lucky chair, along with ANOTHER new item the love hurts outfit complete and similarly cute to the teal hello kitty set i just won in the lucky chair a few weeks ago! love does indeed hurt, i suppose, and i will use that to justify the lone legwarmer in this image! all angry and skulled out and green with envy but still incredibly cute and very wearable as always. lola keeps the goodies coming, that's for sure! i just wish unsolicited phone calls would stop now. you will notice the lone legwarmer picture is still from me fishing at katat0nik. there was a mistake with the rarity of the thread settings so if you are still fishing for thread just go back to the roof and when it rezzes buy the pink spool for 0L to complete your blueprint set. kat has apologized for the settings mistake and is offering this most critical piece of the blueprint for free to all fishers on the roof for two weeks i believe she said. there's also a sign for a katat0nik specific fishing group which i noticed while i was gathering my last bit of supplies. go ahead and click that to group chat with everyone all over the store and fishing nearby without shouting in local, or if you just want to get to banter with the katat0nik minions :) we are possibly the coolest minion in all of the minions of SL if i don't say so myself.

constantly changing and ever adorable Lucky Chair at Otaku Designs

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

organization for (messy) dummies

yes. i am picky about pictures and outfits so until i have something concretely perfect in my eyes no more piccies for a bit. but, i will do you all a favor. some people have been mentioning organization and flaws in their inventory to me as i gripe about my ONE lost folder of greatness. well, i dunno if organization CAUSED or worsened the rolling restart inventory loss but it was only one folder and due to the organization i do know pretty much exactly what was in there.
so without further ado i'm going to outline you all how *I* yes, and just me, organize my inventory in a bullet form as best i can given blog formatting so you can all organize yourselves if you feel so inclined. this outline will be annotated for complete condescension and total explanation. 

my folders start off on the first level like this:

????? WTF IS THIS SHIT ?????
designers that i still love despite LL being fucktarded and assraping me of all their stuff
neko gear

i have found that being as general as possible with these primary level labels makes it possible to scrunch the entire inventory list so that all folders appear without the second life viewer taking up my whole screen. this also and consequently makes it easier to view all your possible options at once so you can aim for just what you want to put on at the moment.

second levels and detailed folder subfoldering:
...accessories will be instrumental in my outlining, so here's what my accessories folder looks like, much more broken down than the primary list level, and i've included third and subsequent levels in this particular folder outline for more purposes of example


....animals (stuffed and otherwise)
-teddy bears
......teddy bears -> -linden bears

-prim nails

...face attachments
-mouth food

...head attachments
-ear muffs
-hair accessories
-head phones
-body jewelry
...-body jewelry -> -belly stuff, -liprings
-jewelry SETS

...knit winter sets
...pom poms

organizing my accessories folder is obviously an ongoing process that i could sub and sub sub folder forever. could categorize by color of the kitten pets, could organize by gender of the doll, or season of relevance to the item, the corresponding holiday or by the store i bought them from. you will see that with certain favorite jewelry/accessories makers like sanu and violet i have a distinct folder for them. anyway, hope this is helpful or at least interesting and gives you insight into my compulsions. if you let them be yours too i will promise you will always be able to put together an absolutely perfect outfit worthy of modeling, pictures, dates and anything else you may need to appear for in second life. searching inventory by keyword, store or designer name, or general object type can be useful but once you get the hang of organizing it too can become an exercise in rote repetitive patience. i find that it's much easier to get dressed this way too, despite having still 50K + inventory, because you can target a general category of items grouped by your own mind that may not be tagged or named adequately for your own searches/purposes.

coming for n00bs/dummies, i will list all the faq's and tips and stuff you should be able to gather just from chatting rather than obscure informational websites and detailed endless notecards in the boxes. now, go get fishing anyway, i've been on all day trying for the new kat whale hooker dress. guh. love me some fat hos....
...and by fat hos i mean the amazing whale hooker dress that we can piece together with salvage now at katat0nik's 7seas fishing custom catches!!!!!

oh and, if anyone wants to see the mental breakdown of the rest of my folders, just im me in world or comment here i can hook you up with the full insanity of the smoldering subfoldering.

Monday, January 26, 2009

blog list list of prize lists

i'm too lazy right now, having a bit of a case of the mondays.
here's a list of all the amazing freaking things i have won as custom catches from longtime favorites

*Ki2* waves bracelet in red, purple, orange, green
~silentsparrow~ toxine swim suite in fog, scarlet, cocoa, ash, lime
...fishie vest in azure, blood, copper (pictured here by another sl fashion blog)
...swimmy fishie in argent, pinky, sea
....possum shoulder buddy in cloudy
Schadenfreude earrings in the following styles, grey pearl studs, gold fishhooks, iron fishhooks,blue verdigris fishhooks, black pearl studs
...brown leather pirate hat, black leather pirate hat
...silver crab, green mudcrab, sterling silver clam, deviled crab, little white frog, little purple frog, little pink frog
Big Crabby Panties in Purple and Pink, Little Crabby Panties in Purple
Love Soul common fish *milk candy cow*, Popie Hair pack in black, brown, and blonde

Sunday, January 25, 2009

why i love kats, the edited version

so as you guys probably heard me griping about at one of the chairs recently is myoss of my fave/most expensive/largest folder entitled "designers/NAMES." some of you know me from waterhead and you may be thinking, "GOOD! that bitch feels entitled anyway." truth is i feel guilty, for having spent the money in the first place on that much (admittedly awesome) virtual clothing but besides that, i also think of a lot of the stuff on second life as art, and i've said it before in a more emotional sense but here i guess it applies in terms of the cultural currency of clothes on second life. anyway, i have been a bit distracted from rl depression to indulge my sl depression due to this incident. but no! second life won't let me be miserable! the little flowery stars of rainbowy goodness and caring are crawling out of the holes in the grid and showering me with happiness. i already told you that morrigan at The Black Canary, whom i have made it into his profile dubbing 'the only true gentleman in sl,' happily restocked my prior purchases now lost. so yesterday i was just stalking kata's new chair kinda whinging a bit about all the cute selections the crowd was wearing that were now vanished from inventory like a case logic full of cds after a car jacking. when i woke up from whatever sleep pattern i had there was a little im from kat letting me know, well, basically just how much she cares. let me premise this by saying i've been an extremely loyal, loving, and driven customer of katat0nik's since i peeped strawberry dreams on, who was it? maybe grace? in ahern? anyway, i had pretty much one of every dress, and a lot of my favorites in fatpacks. kat's message let me know that despite her booming business in world and the time she undoubtedly has to use to focus on her craft in and out of world, that she had actually taken my pleas to heart and spent her own time looking back through over a years worth of account transactions with my name keyed in to get me back absolutely everything i had lost that was a prior purchase, and she even included a couple of the years lucky chair dresses which were stored in the same Katat0nik folder. now, you all probably already know i want to have kat's babies, but this just sealed the deal for me pretty much. not only would it not have been probable that i would have done the same task myself, but it's also proven impossible to access the pdf file of all account transactions on my new it wouldn't have even been a feasible process. no worries though! kat did all the work for me. she even boxed it up and labeled the folder just for me. seriously, i know it's silly, but it made me feel special, and it was way more than she or anyone else had to do. it's funny, i'm most excited again to start newly, and re-wearing these kat dresses because i once again have a wide selection and since i didn't lose my accessories or shoes it will be like returning to a familiar and favorite doll after playing with legos with my brothers for too long. naturally, i have been sporting my katat0nik outfit since the new lucky chair and changed again into the returned options. here's me pervy on the amazingness of kat and her new steampunkishly pink and green and grey store build while fishing (in a mermaid ao??? would poseidon approve????) for merkats and pussy. i mean. merkats!!!! well, my sign does say pervert does it not? speaking of which, my other fave new fishing soul....well...this is a very forward and blunt sort of valentine's chair prize they've added to the four new prizes in the main chair. you can read, look at it. condoms and chocolate and kitties oh my.  [ps-lofls at what the kid in the ad's shirt says..."innocent"?]

...Katat0nik fruit swirl dress (poison [poison apples, sooo freaking cute, shot of detail tbposted]), also wearing kat gift necklace 10L for random color you can trade with friends too!
...Zero Style Orie hair raven (not free but there is a lucky chair here)
...Cyanide Anthrax piercing free 30 minute camp (there's a midnight mania on here for another facial piercing those of you asking me about free pierces)
...[42] Galaxies Hydra_02 skin only 42L everything in store 42L this week only!
...!Tarnished Pervert arrow free in store gift box
...[Merciless] Happy Pills bracelet

Saturday, January 24, 2009

everyday i write the jungle love fairy book

i have been feeling guilty not blogging all the amazing free stuff available recently in as much detail as it deserves because of my lost inventory related moodiness. miss angel herself cilia sheperd has a new hunt going on now for a lovely queen of hearts dress in lush shiny red both gown and shorter skirt options...they've been blogged prior to now. but the hunt includes "losing" extra cards that are actually bonus gifties with their own uses beyond clothing! yay for additional freebies. here's me wearing the awesome BRB sign with sculpted hearts that appear throughout the theme of the outfit that's the main hunt prize. the hunt is on until tomorrow and it's been extended because SL is being naughty for everyone, not just me, apparently. start at the landing point here at Boutique Cilian'gel and look for cards with the king AND queen of hearts on them! cards with king OR queen of hearts on them are the extra prizes. cilia and i both wish you all happy valentines day, go out there and love somebody! at least try roleplaying love sometime. it's kind of interesting at the very least.

...Boutique Cilian'gel BRB sign and Queen of Hearts necklace free in hunt! on until 1/25 Sunday
...Blue Blood fiorella green only 150L with all the ribbons and details on sale at Gateaux Boulevard location today only!
...Nightshade Sabel Insomnia Glossed skin free in lucky chair! so many good skins in them
...Cyanide anthrax piercing free in camp chair 30 mins
...pc eyes by Lano Ling much blogged about

and just where in the heck am i? i'm in the rainforest of course! only remaining permanently online, at least for now. 

go, now, buy, buy, buy. BYE!!

everything in the store at [42] is 42L today. 
the last skin in my rezzday post was from there and i paid 750L for the pack of 5 or 6 makeups but this is ridiculous, i'm going to go buy everything in pale, and you should go get your fave tones too because these are highly detailed and beautifully made up sets. and obviously cheap now too!

kitten gone fishing, be back soon

hmm. while i wait, there's a half off sale on some of the most flattery fetching outfits from Blue Blood at the Gateux Boulevard location. go get some intricately detailed prim heavy colorful harajuku wildness or just a little dolly wool coat in various shades of argyle. maybe a panda outfit with pandas on the hoodie and headband and skirt and shoes? or a bunny outfit with black and pink stripes? everything's between 150-300L or so which is more than reasonable and makes me not feel so bad about losing my entire blue blood folder because in the meantime i can wear all this new greatness at greatly reduced cost and feel a little less stupid for continuing to buy shit when it'll probably just get lost again....meh.

feel a bit lost? need some centering. well, my kitty friend aptly named miss serenity was fishing at Love Soul chairs the other day and i was like, WOW, i could get those cutey katat0nik fish and prizes from Junwave hair and Love Soul nails and all these other great designers stores with custom prizes WHILE i multitask and sit and wait on the chair letters? omfg time. course kitties are just smart, i should have picked up on this long ago. pru and wren and sileny over at Love/Hate busted open the love soul fishing prizes in a post a while back and they are tempting enough but what really caught my eye was miss Sabriel's purdy katfish. will post pictures when i get one of my favies. in the meantime you can join in the fun for a small fee of course, there's 1L demo rods you can fish for limited time periods on but you need bait, got 600 pieces (600 chances to win a fish, from casting out with bait) for 150L so ...actually comes out to less lindens per hour spent than i probably would if i just went shopping. the pro rod is 250L and there's no reason to buy any of the other parts of the fishing gear unless you get hardcore into it and want your own dock and boat and such...this kitty prefers to stay on shore, such a land lubber i know. the bonus is, most of the time even when you don't win a custom prize from the store you're fishing at but there's also generic common/uncommon/rare/super rare prizes from the 7seas vendor themselves, little flying fishy pets you've seen absolutely everyone with by now, and the variety of fish possible to win seems endless as far as i've observed. anyone from a marine biologist to a cat lady can enjoy this little pasttime. reminds me almost of fishing in animal planet. YUSSSS. cuteness. have fun kids.

edit: also, i'm just thinking about catching a fishing buddy, and the potential within this fishing system to trade and mix and match and barter like stickers in 2nd grade. additionally, if you're a collector type like me, these special designers sometimes offer CLOTHES and accessories as upper level prizes so if you're into gathering obscure limited edition items and such, this is a must try. WARNING THOUGH: highly, super, deeply addictive, like gambling on cocaine while drunk with a nympho hooker.

you can find me fishing at the following spots and more to come when i hear about them. 
Katat0nik (fishery on the roof)

[complete list of fishing areas, organized and indicating where custom catches can be found]

oh fine, you want free clothes and stuff? here's what i've found that you should check out on MY WORD ALONE the past few days. if you hate every item i've found message me in world and complain to my face. please!!!! JUNOOOO i find teh awesomes. 
...Spexx 1L new set of blue & pink wayfarer sunnies, also last weeks 1L skirt/leggings set out
...Project Kiwi two sets of 1L jeans with three wear options and prim cuffs with each 
...CIA 1L dress just right of the central counter black and white with green accents unrecorded 1L set of pale tintable skins and 1L set of pearl jewelry 
...Belleza skin gifts for male AND female join group and click signs to left of entryway
...Naive set of 4 skins all tones in subscribo gift
...lessthan3 set of 1L skins 
...Gbberish cute free summery cream houndstooth suit set
...Pixeldolls red silky asian dress free in subscribo 

Friday, January 23, 2009

the waiting game of (second) life

le sigh. still trying this method of asset server (asshat server) reloading that hya suggested before continuing to panic. morrigan is also providing me some retail returns therapy, loading back up my lost stock from The Black Canary in the meantime while i wait. also i know i'm like #467 to blog this but here's me in the new piece called "Lovebound" which comes with a highly literarily erotic promotional bit of prose from Morrigan's mind. which i am digging my hole, i mean, way into. check out the darling details on the back of the jacket, the front is also bound up with the drawn corset stitching and the frill chest piece is just divine, even to a devout athiest. morrigan's designs are worth every linden, every hundreds of lindens you should go spend to buy the whole line already, which grows rapidly and ever better... if one can improve from perfection. if you are unemployed and broke as hell though (i mean, if you're from the US) then don't fret! morrigan has been so generous as to offer a wide selection probably constituting at least half of the available for purchase outfits in the lucky chair at the mainstore! usually a store of this quality offers one or two outfit/dress selections to the customers in the chair/s but morrigan's winged heart knows no bounds, bringing us all closer to loveliness and the dandy life in this second world with creations as unique as they are enchanting. 

ps-did you know you can sit on the ground? just, sit on it. i probably haven't tried this since i was less than three months old but it's kind of cute even? no?

...The Black Canary "Lovebound"
...[MVS] xtreme reality (XR) female skin-marie pink 2 free in POE globe
...EyeFidelity free pink heart pupil eyes i found along with a ton of other pretty and detailed free eyes at the opening of this great new store 
...Nightshade Fallen Disgrace boots new in the mobvend goes down to 99L! these boots are also hot as heck and have a similar cross detail on one boot upper leg shaft and the back of the boot base, perfect to pair with morrigan's suit, and i think it passed approval from the black canary

Thursday, January 22, 2009

game over?!

i don't feel like blogging anymore. i don't think i'm getting my folder back. my account was temporarily disabled and i figured someone was looking for it? but um, it's not there. anyway. not in the mood. 


folders are still gone. rodney linden told me not to freak out yet and wait a while. off the top of my head here's a list of the folders WITHIN the folder of designer names i lost, try to imagine the contents, and try to imagine me relisting all of it.

the black canary
silent sparrow
prism haute couture
moxie polano
blue blood
wretched dollies
m& r cupcakes
apple may

[1/29/09 the *one week later* edit]
more subfolders i realized since then i'm missing 
-church of luxe
-rockers wear
-brain restriction
-parallel love
-callie cline
-yome shouju

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

happy belated rezzday

oh yeah, when second life crashed 4 hours ago while i was napping it decided to steal/delete my DESIGNERS/NAMES folder so 20K of my inventory is gone. i may not be blogging anymore, afterall.

okrebecca Dastardly: like, i would rather have lost my shoes folder honestly

i heart second life?

i do! (i think) at the very least i know i love playing dress up. valentine's day is umm, not the best holiday for me, beyond the commercialism and hallmarkishness, the idea that you should be nice and sweet to your family and friends and lover for one day out of three hundred and sixty five is vaguely offensive. HOWEVER. i can be swayed back to some sort of baseline neutrality when you throw in the color scheme for the treats on this most painful of dark february days. ok, red, obviously. but you're not using your imagination...PINK. FUCKING PINK MADNESS, that's right. i imagine pink probably raises the brains natural seratonin levels, but that's just a theory and i might be wrong. 

so of course the same way you can make yourself sick binging on candy and sweets all month leading up to saint valentine's evil celebration of love which you probably won't get if you keep eating all that chocolate fatties, you can probably overdose on sweet treats on the grid during this season, post xmas/new years/pre christian egg laying resurrection bunnies. so if you didn't stop eating back after christmas enough to fit into a chilly mid winter bikini irl maybe you can just join the hordes of secret fatties playing pretty on second life! it's so easy, it's a gift. here's some gifts in pink that make me love myself not quite as much as i hate everyone else. 

next post will be another fabulous heartful piece of art in redddd but my fingers are freezing atm and sl is not cooperating.

...Whimsy skin Vanilla v.2 watermellon (sic)
...LVS&Co. lollygirls lilmiss green (includes worn lolly in hand) was once 50L on clearance in tons of colors now gone but the store always has cutey doll stuff like this
...Pink Fuel pink/white heart lollipop once free as a group gift, but star lolli in lucky chair now, which may be even better because, yes!! you guessed it, it color changes!!!!
...Violet Voltaire Lollipop Guild jewelry rainbow set, added the key sold separately
...Junwave/Love Soul lucky chair hair collaboration Sweets Princess hair-B in pink (also comes decorated with sculpted donuts in the buns but my tummy aches from the sugar)
...poses from the amazing Venturino over at My Second Life on the D-List look for these and other freebies at his new store VPoses with the barcode 000L

Despite our best efforts, life has been temporarily disabled

Don't read this if you're only hunting free stuff. oh you're just stalking me? ok then. i got a notice a while ago from miss navina the mistress of Cutie Honeys all over the grid, and i guess i didn't click immediately because when i tp'ed in to the store today to play with the fun gadgets there was another gift! literally!!! a gift box to play around in with poses and cuteness of course. here's me and my cutie honey being sweet as candy. speaking of sweet, this is the aria 51 complete avatar from The Abyss i was speaking disdainfully of before. i know, i know, even the name choice is slutty, but i had barbies when i was a kid, not going to lie. looks like i captured her in constantly supine positions...wonder what second freude would say. barbies are great anyway, for anger management, and chopping off someone's hair and yanking their head out of it's socket when you don't want to go to jail. also, if 2009 is the year of the cow, does that mean *THIS* will finally be my year?

all featured posey items from navina's store Cutie Honey all pictures at her store parcel
slurl's in lucky chair list on the sidebar, since i can't login atm obviously.

regime changing rooms

all i can say is, at the very least he's going to be nice to look at in media coverage and press conferences...and he speaks fluent english! obviously a fan. february is black history month. i have always noted how it's the shortest month in the calendar year. but now black history has at least 4 you like them apple pies???? and of course, the excitement on the grid is palpable as well as visual, and we are getting showered with celebratory gifts. i'm wearing a bunch of goodies from today in these photos.

...elate! inauguration day outfit try your luck 1L in the wish fountain i think we all get lucky this year :) it only took me one penny tossed instead of 9 years agonizing
...truth ruby2 hair 50L/discounted fatpacks sale on now! so many cute hairs, many lindens died
...Earthstones inauguration day jewelry set red/white/blue free or 1L (blingy, beware)
...Bazy Emmie skin pack of 5 makeups in one tone only 250L!
...pose from Striking Poses "cutie girl"

...{Frick} skin fireworks goth tone 1L? or very cheap
...Sweet Nothings All American Slingshot Bikini 1L in store (loffle at this in my inventory, no further comment)
...pom poms from Barack Obama Girl Cheerleader Costume at Flashpoint 
...LikeA cargo pants in red free group gift in store/notices
...Hopemongerer blue heels from Sole Sisters shoes 1L during election
...Digit Darkes sparkle/glitter mohawk free POE globe gift sunglasses from Decollage 1L pack at some point

Monday, January 19, 2009

it's my rezzday and i'll think in black and white if i want to

hello colorful crowds. i am kind of an all or nothing person. here's me playing around with the snowday irl with some pretty shiny free/cheap things because i got coffee this morning yay...this enriches my ability to speed freeb. i am one year old in this weird place. /me ponders deeply and then falls asleep drooling on the keyboard (hey at least i don't snore)

worn throughout:
...(Junwave) sale on new hair "rock arrange" 80L each or fatpack deeper discounts
...Silent Sparrow Snow Glass suite
...purple snowflake eyes (eye mania POE gift)
...Violet Voltaire Harajuku girls rainbow tiara
...TR star armbands
...Otaku Design snowflake tats (free at some point, maybe a hunt? i like how these are black ink instead of the typical snowflake in white)
...if you can see, perv on these new color option ("beetle juice") of the datura night triple strapped pumps from Nightshade in the Necrosis sim. the lucky chairs here are pimped out triplicate with new shit and theres a mobvend, fortune teller and two dollarbies one this skin called Angelina in a pretty pale makeup almost purpley in hue
...katat0nik yee olde faithfulle Pumpkin Staff freebie you wish you hadn't missed!!

last picture: switched to similarly pale, pretty, neutral lipped Aurora makeup #4 from [42] skins, not terribly expensive given the quality, check them out for weekly freebies and lucky chairs.