Tuesday, March 31, 2009

enter spring fever, end march madness, begin april showers

hey. just another cute shot of me and marci at the 'head. i love this girl, and we understand each other, even if i speak no dutch and her english is imperfect. her dragon avi has extraordinary wings and is from grendel's...most things are below 200L and a ton of free animalia kits. my avi is free in the orange egg at pink fuel from the bunny hop and my floating heart particles are a scribble freebie from valentine's times. this bunneh can be bloody teared or normal sad, and in store for 100L there's a black version for sale too! i keep thinking of bunnicula. did anyone else read those? cute stories, albeit dark.


i have more bizarre referrals than ever. people who mask their ips and send bogus links have my profile up on various sites, various older versions as well. i know, no one can keep up with someone who changes their profile on a routine basis, but really, was the content that fascinating that you must post it on some obscure second life database for posterity? trust me, there are better things to remember about me far more embarassing and upsetting than my own profile content. if you think you're going to terrorize me with my own words you are dead wrong :) if i am used to any person in the world it's myself. not only that but half the time the link is a false one and sends to a joke site, so i can't even evaluate the level of idiocy of the reposters. also like....my profile, isn't that technically my intellectual property? and you're reposting it all over the internet? get your own interesting profile. or god forbid, make your own interesting enough to post all over dozens of bulletin boards. 
ahaha, someone surfed my blog from a philadelphia school computer. i should probably put some mature flags on here, if only for my coarse language. 
okre out.

"you could have just propped me up on the table like a mannequin
or a cardboard stand-up and paint me (paint me anything)
any face that you wanted me to be seen 
we're damned by the existential moment where
we saw the couple in the coma
and it was, we were the cliche
but we carried on anyway"

Monday, March 30, 2009

look what you started

actually i got hooked on this track about a month ago when i was out irl :O (i know, i know, it doesn't happen often) but my old vassar buddies were playing THE UNICORNS while we umm, played wii...right. anyway. this video was on youtube and it amused me endlessly. i think you might like to know that there is also a band to go along with all this unicorniphernalia.

afterall, unicorns are people too. and these people are appropriately prancey given the lyrics.
actually this song makes me think of my time at vassar:
"who was i with?
what time was it?
and where did you go?"

the copts are coming

oh hai. i finished sorting mah hair folder. ashia mentioned on free*style yesterday she's sorta kinda done sorting her whole inventory :O so jlz, so much of jlzy. i've got maybe 70% totally compulsively obessively organized but there are some folders that just seem hopeless like skins. what am i going to have to do? i think i may just have to make folders like "awesome perfect skins" "very nearly perfect skins" "mediocre skins" "shite skins for a joke" "awesomely ugly skins" and yeah your feelings might get hurt if i said what went into which. also my animations folder is where i wound up storing hundreds of poses i've compiled even before i had any reason to use poses, ie blogging. some of my collecting tendencies have paid off, i have found lots of awesome shit like this obscure helicopter hair from tea lane i have no idea what it was free as a promo or gift for but it's about the raddest hair i've seen on second life and i found it in my mess! when i fly or move in a scripted area if SL feels like it, it will poof helicopter fumes in pink. \o/ yeah, i'm not done sorting my poses, so i just used the first that let me show the hair well, and this outfit is possibly the only aoharu i have, although i spent like 20k there one manic night last year prior to the inventory loss and had at least a hundred adorably perfectly constructed dresses :/ putting this outfit on made me kinda want to go do it all over again but i have to assume linden labs would flip it's shit in the middle of my repeat purchases and it would be deja vu all over again. SL is also not agreeing with this scribble bubble pipe which would poof animated bubbles that break in a few seconds in the air if second life were a perfect world. i can't even put my pipe on and smoke it....such tragedy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

did someone say gay?

wtf happened to miramare. it looks like w-hat had a 125,000 Linden crack party with it. the elusive homo bunnicorn scorns this geiness. also...dance pad with no dancing = fail.

i always wanted a sister

i have two brothers. but really, i literally dreamed about having sisters throughout childhood. i don't know what i'd do with three. i do know the three i'd choose if i could though. yes, THE sisters. i try to be true to my word. i said i would show the dresses dream passed me a while ago and never did. but i am feeling utterly revolted these days so it's about time i pulled out this revolting dress. no, i am not abusing the designer. it's called the revolting dress. the texture is dark and sordid shades of a most fetid brown, and i totally appreciate the sentiment behind this frock. i also appreciate that dream passed it to me in a week-ish phase where everyone was more directly hating on me, as a gesture of sympathy but also expressive of the sense of humor most real people of quality should have which i try to hang onto when seated at my computer. i've been going a little crazy lately; my shopping has taken a turn for the imitative...scooping up hairs and skins i perv on others, most recently i was set off by some shots of kata in minajunk skins, so here's one i snagged from the "bad" line (also appropriately named skin for a revolting outfit), as well as the pudge satanic dance hair in white i noticed on her a while ago in store. 

anyway, so much for me having sisters...i think my parents are a bit old for another kid. in the meantime i will stand on my own on the shores of life, i mean, on the shores of scribble.

Friday, March 27, 2009

the rainbow connection

why are there so many songs about rainbows?

thankfully, kitty's got a brand new dance. yay callie cline having talented animators at her beck and call. got it free today during a ten minute free spree. me and the ever dancing glurp are rocking out in the welcomeness getting our boogies down like some kind of a production. he is in alien camo behind the bush, for real. he's there. he's *always* there.

this unicorn shit is pretty um, gay? for lack of a better word. i've gayed it up to maximum gaydar levels with a full-on rainbow attack.
sanu rainbow gummy-bear choker
scribble rainbow flying gummies
violet voltaire rainbow harajuku tiara
ella bella rainbow ravin' nose pierce set
kat rainbow unicorn dress
selena's sasquatch rainbow wand and free rainbow earrings
miasnow star tats in multicolors
love kitty rainbow brite boots
some rainbow bracelets from "VBD" dunno what this means
and the gritty kitty brite hair in black with rainbow streaks in the front fuzz
and a unicorn horn from Illusions thank kat for this tip

Monday, March 23, 2009

between neurosis and psychosis

my sorting fixation has become pathological, as most things with me will do if they proceed more than two weeks in a row. seriously, my inventory is damn near perfect by now, i'm around 66K and have a lot of shit left to toss out but i can find everything in seconds, it's ACTUALLY SICK how i have the whole thing memorized now that i've seen everything just once. i am so ill, i'm green lately. and yes, i realize this obsession is as meaningless and boring as all of second life is.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

say no to no!

people often ask in a welcome area, "plz to tell meh w0t is diz playce?"
i will tell you simply what it is not. 
it is NOT an area in which you will see emotionally unstable violent people acting out abusive fantasies on other users.
it is NOT an area in which you will see n00b hookers offering their services for linden dollars, cam for us dollars, or generally find anyone selling anything.
it is NOT an adult area where you will hear lewd and inappropriate conversations both in voice chat and local text chat. nor will you ever receive a rude and or sexually aggressive instant message from the not at all creepy guy not standing right not next to you half naked with a non-penis out.
and finally, it is not a place where you will see 80's boomboxes nor hear poorly streamed poor taste level of music nonstop all day long.

and finally, plz, no burst my bubble.

Friday, March 20, 2009

here's one for the emo cry-ers

now if there's a smile on my face
it's only there trying to fool the public
but when it comes down to fooling you
now honey that's quite a different subject
but don't let my glad expression 
give you the wrong impression
really i'm sad. oh i'm sadder than sad.
you're gone and i'm hurting so bad.
like a clown i appear to be glad.

well there are some sad things known to man
but ain't too much sadder than
the tears of a clown, when there's no one around

Thursday, March 19, 2009

across the street from your storefront cemetary, hear me hailing from inside and realize i am the conscience clear, in pain or ecstacy

i found more diplo mixes on youtube someone plz to tell itunes to keep up with underground shit. sorting, and only sorting lately. i feel like a damn smashing pumpkins song. there's a new visa ad with morgan freeman doing the voiceover and today playing in the background that's like the emo triple threat you never saw coming. anyway, i found this kunglers dress hiding in the dress folder, it's called amazonia and i naturally paired it with the highly exotic "ethnic" skin previously discussed from skinthesis. threw on some "safari zebra" jewelry and i feel appropriately tokenized. actually i keep coming back to this skin because the eye make up is so fabbo and hunting at oz i blended in with all the brown buildings and green decorations so i took some random pictures. i bet other scavengers were watching me thinking why is this bitch taking snapshots when there's hunting to be done but i can't even get into hunting anymore really. i'm actually experiencing a sort of catharsis with the purge of excess inventory in this whole sorting process. also finding the hottest shit i have and finally getting a chance to wear it, including this dress. i noticed a preference emerging for bizarre couture outfits and clothes that have themes like a project runway assignment would have. dresses with skirts of leaves or the fudge dress from spoonful of sugar or the cheeseburger eat me set from starlust motel. i've realized a ton of what i collected over the past 14 months was either total garbage construction wise or simply too boring to bother keeping. i guess i feel the same way about the people of second life. not to be mean. but yeah. you guys all love to harass me, can you shift for maybe a few days or so and grief ferris to the point where he stops calling me every damn week? i dunno, use something like, "ferris loves fatties!" or some shit. btw ferris wheedled my cell number out of me by means of a come on along the lines of "i think you're going to be famous one day, and i want to know you" so put that in your troll ogre pipes and smoke it. i have extra lighters if you need. no safety cuz that's how i roll.

"every job i ever had i had to give in
the first day i found how to pimp the system
two steps ahead of the manager
and gettin' up on the regular tax free money out the register
and when i'm workin' late nights and stockin' boxes
i'm creepin' they merchandise
and don't put me on dishes, i'm droppin' them bitches
takin' all day long to mop the kitchen, shit
we ain't gettin' paid commission
minimum wage modern day staid conditions 
got me flippin' burgers with no power
'cane would buy one of what i make in an hour
i'm not the one the kids ask for the top position
i take mine off the top like a politician
where i'm from doing dirt is a part of livin'
i got my own to feed dog i got to give in"
oh my own voice cannot save me now.
one more breath and then i'll go down

...also, lawl hardcore off my chair at the guy in the youtube comments who thought he got rick rolled by t3h hollarific remixation. someone make this into an mp3/m4a for me i will pay you $0.99 in equivalent lindens. plz thx bi.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

did you hear about the new pirate movie?


ah, sorry. favorite bad pirate joke of all time. i'm in yr clothing fair, looting for booty. this is morrigan's contribution, a tricorner hat in the spirit of piracy. we were discussing the menacing squid approaching from off the coast of ireland across the way from his booth. i suggested perhaps the squid was drunk and lecherous, and the exploits on the sea became even more terrifying! not that...well...not that you need to make having a booth in a sim called "The Persian Gulf" any more awkward. did anyone else pause and go, "This was the name of a war in my lifetime, right?" not going to lie, it made me uncomfortably lawlish.

anyway, this pirate says you should freaking walk off the plank if you're one of the ten or so, more, inevitably, since i'm only in sim 5 of the thing, who DO NOT EVEN HAVE ONE RFL VENDOR ITEM!!$^^ wtf are you doing in a relay for life event if you don't give a shit about the lives at stake or the cause or raising money or even pretending to play along with the charity game? i have also been primarily shopping bald and i'm sad that no one seems to get it. i've finally shirked vanity to just go lag free at all times necessary and this is certainly one of those. never fear though, there are still vain looters who waltz into the sim in wings, flexi skirts galore and prims attached everywhere. obviously you don't have to deprim ever. if you don't want. and no one can even "sacrifice" the prims to shop at an event based on CANCER? oh jeez. don't get me started. [i am only primmed up in this black canary outfit leftover from my 5 am visit when no one else was in the sim so please don't try with your tired attempts at calling me a hypocrite]

at time of posting relay's raiders have raised 2193757 lindens which is....
$8,775 USD damn i was way off yesterday's attempt at a guess.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


fuck sorting! i'm down to 70K ish and it's time to take a charity shopping break. i'm at rfl sim 1, ugh....8 more of these? i'm buying anything worth buying in the relay vendors, think it's a little silly that the rest of the vendors are even up...but hey, i'm too much of an idealist i guess i'd just put the charity items in one place so someone well intentioned like myself can scoop them up easy as pie without being distracted by other dresses and clothes vendors. 

team relay raiders appears to have raised nearly 2MILLION lindens.  i've got my measly $100 or so to add to that and let's have at it!

but hey, join me. put your money where my mouth is.
i'm not even wearing hair, and i'm bald and beautiful for damn sure.
AND. tons of pink items W00t you know i'm in slheaven.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

bunneh? meh.

i am a bored bunny! bored of hunting, bored of stalking, bored of griefing and trolling. bored of you, bored of myself. spent the past couple days sorting inventory and i'm only done a few folders. let me just say, 75K seems astonishing but not when you consider i picked up every damn freebie posted ever anywhere for the past 14 months. and now i'm paying the price! not even in lindens really, just in time...and annoyance at trying something on and realizing how crap it is and loffling with whomever i'm standing sorting with. at least it's just data eh? i had a friend in high school who collected trash and leaves and stored them in little hidden niches in her room or closets because her ocd was so bad. if anyone wants to unbore me feel free. *this does not include 5 am drunk dials on private settings.

for the curious minded, i'm in my dress folder atm and here's the honest to god best way i can think to sort, so far:
*awesome/couture dresses
*babydoll dresses
*ballroom gowns/long
*cocktail party dresses/shorter
*doll/lolita dresses
*dominatrix type dresses
*fairy/princess dresses
*flexi dress sets (needs more hardcore editing)
*flowery/feathery skirted dresses
*halter dresses
*holiday dresses
*huge skirted dresses (roflmao but it needs it's own category i swear)
*medieval/gothic/victorian gowns
*plaid/schoolgirl dresses
*sculpted dresses
*slinky sex dresses
*slutty dresses
*sorted dresses
*sweater dresses
*tiered dresses
*wedding gowns
ugh and it never ends. people used to comment that i only wear dresses. well, this is why.

Friday, March 13, 2009

lucky number 13

oh hay. it's friday the 13th. again. didn't we have one of these in late 08? no worries though, my silly angel dropped more lucky chair goodies on me from her store in valefar. Miss Angel is the creator behind cili'angel and she's a quick learner as far as construction goes. These latest sets of St. Patrick's oriented green dresses have tons of wear options like leg bows and different waistbands. I'm showing two of a whopping five dresses you could win in the lucky chairs here, so go on, get to it greenies. if you look closely in the free bun hair from the nosotras hunt i'm in here, you can see there's even a clover for your mouth and hair in these sets. love it! as many attach points as possible, is what i say. you can't see it but even the detail on the textures from cilia is gorgeous, there's a little criss-cross etched in the bodice of the first dress and the second has an appropriately swooshy neck drape. thank you cilia! 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

these shoes rule

as if the impromptu im congratulating me on making her fall off her chair laughing from renee harvy wasn't enough, she sent me a fatpack of the other boots she has in store now that are very similar to an existing popular style sold for 400L a pair. this lady keeps putting out amazing new shoes in her store DUH! it's my store. and they are cheapppp too. like cheaper than cheap clothes. 20L for most sale pairs on the wall vendors but the love never ends, since she's got a lucky chair with special recolors and two dollarbies at all times! this pair of pink fuck me boots is the dollarbie this week, as i just popped in and found it today making my chair rounds. go get. resize script or walk ao option on the left foot of each shoe. resize is sweet ass for boots and shoes because stretching the boot can often make it look all borked and ugly. and did i mention they're PINK? shoes, omg.

lyrics to go with:
"you don't like players
that's what you say yeah
but you really wouldn't mind a millionaire
you don't like ballers
they don't do nothing for ya
but you'd love a rich man six foot two or taller"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we at war

we at war with terrorism
we at war with racism
but most of all
we at war with ourselves.

just fishing at love soul, found a little underwater garden (fyi the random prize may be hidden near here), felt pretty zen to me, i thought of these lines and my current outfit, and the reality of people i actually have loved for years putting themselves in harms way. these are the rainbow brite boots i've spoken about before lovingly. here's to meditating on peace in our lifetime...

*birthday cupcake hat from paisley and sneaking skinny mister morrigan in the happy birthday wishes too, both hearts and endless cake for you two.

and the telephone wires that carry the sound

...stretch across the sky and under the ground.

mirah's hitting me as pertinent at the moment. but for the record, i discussed this same person's persistence with another stalker earlier this week and used Lil'Wayne lyrics instead:

call me what you want bitch
call me on my sidekick
never answer when it's private
damn i hate a shy bitch
don't you hate a shy bitch?

Missed Calls: [private callers get no love from me]

512 not restricted Jan 17, 1:17 am

512 not restricted Jan 21, 10:47 pm

Restricted Feb 3, 2:51 am

Restricted March 4, 2:43 am 

Restricted March 11, 5:57 am

aria, please get your boyfriend to stop thinking about me. late at night too :O be more...i dunno, interesting or something? OK-you're a goon. but what's a goon to a goblin?

throw out your cares and fly, wanna go for a ride?

word play!
i like to play with words. i didn't even think of it as content creation really until crox rox made a comparison in another forum's thread about me that he managed to sneak comments in about me past the moderator who, whomever she/he/it may be, does not seem to want to let me speak my piece in an entire thread flamed around me. but i digress. words seem to be powerful, once again, and i have been wielding them most of my life and yet to run into any serious trouble. that being said, you can still count on me to walk the fine line, and cross over it occasionally, between acceptable and offensive snark. mostly what is offensive to people on second life is the truth, at least, that's what i've gathered from the dozens of random prior text messages indicating that my very mind's operation is appalling to certain types. i had one guy, a proud and defensive republican, message me while slumming it at miramare with my "I MUTE REPUBLICANS" title on and the conversation got to the point where i told him i may be whomever i am here on the internet but i work with kids and help people in the real world, and the best comeback he could scrounge up was "that's why i homeschool my kids" which...yeah. ask me for the notecard. that conversation was a killer. 

i want you to play a word game with me. i'm trying to switch up my profile so it remains untouchable by LL's crappy ass profile editor bots, while still maintaining a certain mandatory level of snarkiness. please respond to this post with your best profile snarks, primarily any way to possibly make the incredibly dull "interests" tab more interesting. 

i am looking for your own versions of the following writers exercises, filling in the bubbles like so:

I want to-buy-you a new life.
I want to-sell-my soul to the devil.
I want to-build-it and they will come.

the trick here is that you have to use the presets in the profile tab itself, so you can make use of the following verbs: build, meet, group, sell, explore, be hired, buy, hire.

ok go. i will steal your content if you come up with some good ones.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

electroshock blues

i'm camping. for blue hair at little heaven. via brain fryification. highly technical term for rerouting your synaptical circuits, which honestly, i think a lot of us could use. i may be the only candidate for rl ect at the current time but that's only because i'm the most brutally honest of us. show of hands those of you with long term psychiatric illnesses?

i was telling a friend that all my sl dreams were fizzling right before my prim eyes and she just passed me some cool clothes i'll post later and told me FAGGEDABOUTIT. i think that looks as doubly entendu'ed as i meant it to. okre out. way, way, way out.

today's lyrics:
you change yr mind like a girl changes clothes.
yeah you PMS like a bitch, I WOULD KNOW.
ps-someone call the doctor! (and not the sleater-kinney doctor) got a case of love, bipolar!!!
[this video makes me want to bust out a wedding gown and the gheyest animated second life bicycle i have and have jj shoot me my own video response, jj, you in man?]

Monday, March 9, 2009

internetz r serious business, ok???

i'm wearing pink to protest internet bullying. people much weaker than me have killed themselves over trolls and griefers all across this world wide web we've woven and you can never get those people back, no matter how much heroin you do.
[*calling items in second life trash does not count as bullying, sorry, i wish it did, but wiretapping cell phone calls with me, posting obscene pictures, photoshopping real life pictures, telling me to walk in front of a bus, urging me to kill/cut myself, constantly tp'ing from welcome area to welcome area just to wear my head on a box for 2 minutes before you get banned for walking around with nazi paraphenalia on your avatar while yelling "N88888 N888888 N88888 N88888 DICK COCK SHIT PISS CUNT" probably does count...and people say *i'm* an attention whore???]

where is the love???

what's wrong with the world mama?
people living like they ain't go no mamas
i think the whole world's addicted to the drama
only attracted to things that'll bring you trauma
overseas yeah we try to stop terrorism
but we still got terrorists here livin'
in the usa, the big CIA
the bloods and the crips and the KKK
but if you only have love for your own race
then you only leave space to discriminate
and to disciminate only generates hate
and when you hate then you're bound to get irate
madness is what you demonstrate
and that's exactly how anger works and operates
man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
take control of your mind and meditate
let your soul gravitate to the love

i feel the weight of the world on my shoulder
as i'm getting older yo people get colder
most of us only care about money makin'
selfishness got us following the wrong direction
wrong information always shown by the media
negative images is the main criteria
infecting the young minds faster than bacteria
kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema

whatever happened to the values of humanity?
whatever happened to the fairness and equality?
instead of spreading love we're spreading animosity.
lack of understanding leading us away from unity.
that's the reason why sometimes i'm feeling under
that's the reason why sometimes i'm feeling down
s'no wonder why sometimes i'm feeling under
gotta keep my faith alive 'til love is found.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

big softee

image caption: you can find me in the club, holding um, a club

i have hated to admit my love of this leona lewis single for the longest time but first there were all these really well conceived mash ups with jay-z and then i found this version on youtube yesterday with an original mims verse in the first 60 seconds which i was saying to iona has to be the best lyrical snippet i've seen in at least a year.

so, you think i'm hateful right? but you also know i'm bipolar yeah? well the thing is there's a line we supposedly flip over where we see things in black and white highs and lows mania and depression. i certainly know what hate is but i also know what love is...or what the best conception could be in an ideal world that i also fully know doesn't exist.

ah well, always ends up drivel.

MIMS is hot, and he's fat and bald, two no's for haters

and lyrics for the broken hearted hip hop nerds:
"nah love see i just ain't feelin' that
can't stop like a hemophiliac, bleedin'
her heart she guarded like eden
and right now the seed is off season
she don't see a reason to reason
so i guess sometimes you're better off leavin'
than to sit in a relationship on a waitin' list
just to go through concession
and that's the procedure
can i get some respect like aretha?
or would you rather let it go like keyshia cole?
can't make up my mind like i'm three years old
this love is like three years old
and it'd be a shame if we see this go
so get some guards and some butterfly stitches
i got two words for haters, best wishes."

for those of you who are not my peer seven sisters english Bacheloresses of Arts this verse has a rhyme scheme that uses hard and soft rhymes. a soft rhyme is one that does not actually sound rhyming when pronounced accurately but the artist or reader alters the sound of the word itself to come out similar enough to hold the scheme together. you may be desperate to point that "concession" does not in fact literally rhyme with "season" but in the world of poetry it does.

all i remember is excuse me miss, you can't get a girl like me with a line like this

bahahah who needs photoshop when second life offers up these gifts????
sexual harassment panda is too pleased for words and she's going to go watch home makeover now. you want a good reason to cry all day it's the life stories of the people on this show...

ohhh man. we need some levity. i have some floating objects like the new scribble floating bubble toy and a couple clouds and moon objects but in the meantime, let me just give y'all some ragamuffins. i admit, i like a very specific type of fuzzy hairy man. and you're damn sure i remember to have my friends spayed and neutered!
believe it or not i am still not so fat that i can't fit two bigass cats on my bed at night <3
yes, these ARE my cats. yes, they are adorable. yes, they are sweet. and so am i, if you're worth my time...big if, i know!

everyone go sit down with your cats on the couch for a few moments. it is scientifically proven that patting a cat lowers your blood pressure.

...i guess in the end i'm no better than all of you. afterall, i also have two boyfriends. and here's some more ebonics for those of you who are still capable of translating across colors. (by the way, another comment that is "awaiting moderation" on shoppingcartdiscocaineproblem includes my explanation of how in an advanced seminar in post modern english at vassar we actually listened to lil'kim's "suck my dick" which is what was previously quoted and mistaken and mistaken and mistaken again and again and again. i not only did my final project on a graphic novel, but we also watched richard pryor and dave chapelle. but omg, you're so right, black culture is not culture at all, unless it's blackface minstrel shows and then it's funny as crap right? i have an idea, why don't you all go pour whiskey in your bongs and blow your faces off?)

and some more hip hop from my pale pasty self.
"well hey i think you're bluffin'!
well ima call my man.
well i can get a ragamuffin!"

*post script on ingratitude*
you want to talk about selfish ungrateful pieces of shit. do any of you happen to recall that i'm the one person in second life responsible for compiling an easy to use notecard which eventually morphed into this very blog to list the literally hundreds of lucky chairs and camping spots, midnight manias and profile picks rewards, that are listed in the sidebar? the bloggers i communicate with on a regular basis and i all give and take freebie finds and i agree that the "who found it first" bit of the argument is a tired attempt, but honestly, i am the only person i know with the time, energy, and organizational skills who thought of and followed through on this effort. you link me to your blog when you have an alphabetized sectional corner for freeness. i have spent countless hours sorting through notecards, reading other free blogs, and hopping manically (sp?) from board to slurl to chair to mall to find everything possible you could ever want for free on the grid. also, if you've ever actually spoken to me in a group chat or ims you know i can find you, and will in point of fact stop whatever it is i'm doing in world to literally tp to you and help you find a set of shiny black metallic leggings (free obviously) or a toilet hat with swirling prim poop and particle stench smells (also free) depending on whatever the heck it is you're looking for. i've responded to comments in other peoples blogs to help out and give direct slurls to freebies, i extend myself in world to tp back and forth from stores if your letter pops on a chair i just hit, and i even take it upon myself to edit what i'm sure some of you would hate to admit are simple mistakes in other bloggers posts with incorrect or misspelled slurls and so forth. i don't have to do any of this. i do it because 1-the inner ocd in me compells me to, and 2-because i want you all to look however you damn please in this place and i fully expect to get the job done for free or i will buy you whatever can't be found free. i'm remembering one time people at a mobvend got pissed about waiting too long and i just paid everyone the current vendor price and told them to shut up. while this was an ultimately aggressive exclamation of exasperation, i am out there putting myself in line to help everyone and anyone all day, and when i get a job out of this world, i intend to keep doing just that. now, go back to drawing fishnet gloves.

your disco needs you

"no cadillac no perps you can't see. that i'm a motherfucking p-i-m-p"
(i saw this pimp chair, i think it fits as well as any image for the mo)

ah, haters haters haters, let's take a seat around the emotional flames shall we?
shoppingcartdisco is a moderated forum that censors the comments and consequently my responses are not showing up there. shame, i will just have to use my own blog to respond :O omg concept! so, i think it was adam, because i doubt anyone else is that quick with their lil'kim lyrics, anyway, lil'becca wishes to respond to the comment about not having any original thoughts. for your information, this thought in and of itself is not original. i know you may think it is, but there is actually a school of thought that thinks that there are no original thoughts to be had at all. may i, perhaps, quote someone else again?

ok kurt what's it for today?
k thanks. i have a boatload of prezzies gifted me from admiring and supportive designers who may not be as bigwig as IVEY *oooohs and ahhhs from the crowd* but they make shit too, and you should really take me off your subscribo if you're so pissed at me miss hives, babe.

also if someone could instruct me how to upload a musakal piece from one of adam's best junkie friends, i could put this "big girls" conversation to rest once and for all, this song was written FOR me, on account of my curves, celebrating them. snarkily, yes, but if i could figure out how to link it/upload it you would have no doubts left.

blvd, i saw you there in the sidelines. how is the blvd these days? how is having 4 lanes for 4 different dudes to drive down going for you? unf, blvd blvd blvd, you are a poor man's men's juniper. (here's an original thought for you, why don't you go back to your home, on WHORE ISLAND???)

also if you all hit the link to read the comments that WERE permitted in shoppingcartdisco you might notice in dancien's thread that everyone is hating on the ebonics, as they called them, or my use of hip hop lyrics in little niches of my own blog. i'm sorry i don't fancy myself trinidad's next big superstar rapper, like your friends perhaps do, but i know the lyrics myself and i think they may have more meaning than the average whitey is able to perceive if they just scan for all the familiar N words they use in their own conversations at home with their trailer's full of family. speaking of which, this trailer trash shit, needs to be put to rest. it may be the end of an era but i type to you from a three story 8 bedroom 5 bathroom house in the richest suburb of this state just so y'all know. (how else do you think i have the leisure time to do nothing but shop on second life all day?) now please, switch up your insults to be more bougie, and i will leave you with some ben folds lyrics too: "y'all don't know what it's like, being (fe)male, middle class and white!"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

i am loving the flavor of this sorbet, for rizzle

lorddddd have mercy. let the funtimes begin really, now, REALLY begin. dear dancien, this is you in real life. what were you saying about welfare in your post? looks to me like you have first hand knowledge of the programs so can you tell me how to sign my psycho ass up for state disability insurance plz? 

michael aka "dancien"s dramz linked here just for you miss hoffman http://shoppingcartdisco.com/?p=837

good god that is ugly now i have to make 16 posts today just to get this off the front page :/

it is seventy mofo degrees outside and absolutely nothing you could think of to say or do could possibly drag me down.

now playing:
lauryn hill-everything is everything
"it seems we lose the game, before we even start to play"


haii! i added a new poll. now you can confess how many different sick ways you like to troll someone! go ahead, pick as many as you want, it's just like boyfriends on the internet, you can even click them all if you like!

analysis of the existing polls:
25% of you have not left the house today.
82% of you would either not be able to or have no interest in paying to read my blog, that would be 82% of an average 300 visitors each day. 
in line with the non-paying poorhousers seem to be the 84% of you who do not try to pay your rent with your linden profits. this makes sense to me. you can't pay for anything, as it is, so you couldn't pay to read my blog, and you certainly couldn't pay your rent with sales, nor would you expect to either. incidentally i assume about 84% of you live second life on freebies alone, since you're poor. nota bene to the 6 (15%) of you who do pay your rent with lindens, a lot of people are poor!!! really really poor. just above the not having a computer level of poor, and barely at that. also, by virtue of my phraseology, 17% of you admit that you would pay a virtual stripper. 

all of this a bit confusing? keep in mind 80% of statistics are made up on the spot.

tired + bored = epic flail

i have been in this 10L pink fuel panda avatar for the past few days and i'm highly enjoying my time as a tiny. i never knew what it could be but now that i have had the egasm i may never go back.

i would like to introduce to you okre, the sexual harassment panda, and her anousenka-like travels in candy land at Photon Pinks Photon Castle

you have marci monsoo to thank for this awesome find again, this girl is serious fun. 

it all starts with a cube right?
then sexual harassment panda comes up against a militant panda badger hybrid in the welcome area and gets tired of all the fighting.
sexual harassment panda discovers a wonderful garden with flowers bigger than her and prettier too.
sexual harassment panda takes a ride on the back of n00bs everywhere, and she kind of gets a kick out of it.
then sexual harassment panda decides she goes both ways, like this candyvator, or, a bicycle, that rolls on both ends.
sexual harassment panda is impressed with your photoshop skills and she likes what you've done with her real life photo here.
and finally sexual harassment panda goes to puff on the pipes in the corner before passing out.

that *IS* my bag, baby

ahahah more real life! scary. i should be so bold as to post pictures of my adorable kitties but that would cause all kinds of worserer cognitive dissonance. 
what's in my bag?
hand lotion, sour breaker things, ciggies and lighter and the consequently requisite inhaler (lmfao), sunscreen in a tube brought to you by the makers of barbie, seven types of lip gloss, wallet, coin purse, compact, gloves, cell phone, gum, and probably some random sprinklings of tobacco and other residuals.
*check out the awesome butt ripples my fat ass leaves in my couch LOLOLOLz

i think the same person has been trying to AR me for my profile content which is hilarious but what's even funnier is that LL clearly doesn't feel it has any value as a report and they take no further action, TWICE NOW. once 5 days ago:

Dear okrebecca Dastardly,

This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account,
okrebecca Dastardly, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or
Community Standards. The violation in question occurred on March 1, 2009
in the region of Imogen.

Violation: Indecency: Global Standards: Profile

Resident profiles, as a global feature visible to all users,
must adhere to the community standards that are defined for
a PG Region. Please ensure that your profile is in
compliance with the PG standards.

No additional action is being taken at this time.

and then 10 hours ago apparently. i don't even know until i check my email anyway LOFFLE @ you whoever cares that much, i changed it anyway, i doubt anything in it could be considered offensive at this point. check it out yourself?

Dear okrebecca Dastardly,

This email is notification of action regarding your Second Life account,
okrebecca Dastardly, for violation of the Second Life Terms of Service or
Community Standards.

Violation: Indecency: Global Standards: Profile

Resident profiles, as a global feature visible to all users,
must adhere to the community standards that are defined for
a PG Region. Please ensure that your profile is in
compliance with the PG standards.

Indecent language is not allowed in your Second Life profile.

No additional action is being taken at this time.

...there's not even one word of profanity in my profile at the moment. if my thoughts themselves are indecent i think we're getting into mind control and thought policing which, i'm sure makes you proud to be american through and through.

oh actually it was a resevoir dogs quote i spat out while listening to the fun lovin' criminals album. now that i look at it. the one about torture. anyway, it's been poorly edited out by LL and i just changed it to be as boring as yours. if i wanted to though i could just add the quote back in, fuck and all, if i put an asterisk in the U position of the word and there's nothing you could do about it.

"Marvin: I already told you I don't know anything about any fucking setup; you can torture me all you want.
Mr. Blonde: Torture you? That's a good idea. I like that one."

i know, you would like nothing better than to get me gone from the game, since...i don't even know you? you don't even talk to me? anyway, keep up the hard work, as you are wont to do. /me sticks her fingers in her ears and sticks out her tongue and goes NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH

anyway simple solution can someone tell me how you get your profile hidden completely, search, groups, everything? i know people have it set this way how can i join the ranks of the "you can't handle my profile" crew?

now playing: kenna-vexed and glorious/a better control
"i wake up late, blame you for fate
vexed and glorious as ever
i'll never change
better worse or the same
better worse or the same
can you still love me? love me no different? love me not?
i'll never change
better worse or the same
better worse or the same
can you still love me? love me no different?
love me when...i wake up late, blame you for fate?"

Friday, March 6, 2009

that legendary divorce is such a bore

i can't respond or keep up with all the comments at this point. honestly i'm bored with the post about hunt lag and trite bitches. but i do read them from time to time and every time i'm stunned with another persons ability to match, and even exceed my trivialism. one comment asserted that i type poorly. which is funny. i type drunk with a BAC of .40 better than most people i know sober. i also type something like 190 words per minute and i think even faster than that so i do apologize on behalf of my brain for thinking too fast for the general population. anyway, i partake of the parts i want to of ee cummings' school of grammar and capitalization. that is to say, none. there have been psychological studies done on the implications of capitalization in names, general email/text patterns and so forth. what i collect from the abstracts is the idea that essentially if you go around yelling in all caps that's just what you're doing, and i even saw somewhere that capitalizing your name is a sign of an inflated ego...but i guess you'd just argue lowercasing your name is a sign of a small one? explain my handle being all lowercase then, huh. confusing. as for general syntax and the tendency to flow of consciousness in my writing, i can only say that i admit to being terribly offended when i used to get compared to virginia woolf. obviously i wanted a plath comparison or i wasn't happy. 

anyway, sometimes i title things like i notice some of the designers in second life do. lately it's my pictures....i take a snapshot and i already have a theme or concept in mind and put it together finally with the lyrics or song title, whatever it may be. i was thinking about putting my avatar in a bath or water, here i found the pond at the toyko pig sight green energy camping to float in...and since you all want me to run in front of a bus i figured maybe i'd just wear electrical ornaments like these schadenfreude antlers with christmas lights and see if anything happened. unfortunately it was just like any other bath, me with a droopy cig hanging out of my mouth, my buoyant spare tires of avatar fatness keeping me afloat in the murky depths. no electrocution this time, sorry! 

kurt, what's on your mind? does anything apply today? and did you take your lithium yet?
ok, i guess he wants me to serve the servants (that would be you)
"if she floats then she is not a witch like we had thought
a down payment on another one at salems lot"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

words on a tombstone: "i waited, but you never came"

oh hayyy. been sitting here damn near all day all i got was the usual trolls. at the end of the day i seem to be stuck thinking about the pile of money i could have saved with geico. heart you creamy, but that avatar freaks me out!!!!

my outfit is in celebration of the very holy st. patricksmas. and yes, i know, it is neither christmas nor st. patrick's day...YET. but i thought we all covered how we're going to dress in santa and witch costumes forever more after all the reaping we did the past few holidays...btw everything i'm wearing including my cigarette was free except the skin and boots! 

cuz i'm ready, yes i'm ready

i want to learn photoshop. i have a 2 month old brand new fully functioning harddrive in my 24" imac and i've been using da innerwebz for over a decade. i used to vaguely know html...i have cropped digital photos in paint and such but never tried my hands at anything more involved. what do i do nowwww??????????????????? k thx bi.

ps-i'm so not special! that's why you care what i say....?
special request to all you cats passively aggressively making sideline posts and threads on other forums, i will be in ahern welcome area ALL DAY today, i will leave myself idle so you can come message me and try to bitch until tonight whenever you/my pills drive me to sleep. come hang out, see a little bit of WA drama, and get your inner issues out with me i will go on voice and you can try to drive me to tears like iveys. i look forward to seeing if any of you actually "hang out" in public spaces in second life, or if you just hide in your forums and bulletin boards to post comments about people who actually may even have more of a ...more of a second life? than you.

i apologize in advance for not giving enough of a fuck to join all of the forums and boards you've posted me and my blog all over, but you do understand there are literally dozens of links and referrals at this point. cheers for minimizing my glorious heinousness, i can tell you don't care, and that's why you keep talking about stuff that is about to be formatted off the front page because it's so old.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

jenniewren, the only "our mutual friend" based username i know of on second life, i hearts you

What does your music library say about you?

*Put Your iTunes, winamp, mp3 player or whatever on SHUFFLE
*For each question, press the next button to get your answer (no cheating!!)
*You must write down song/artist even if it doesn't make sense
*Include any comments in parenthesis
*Post into a NOTE with #25 as your Title

1. What do your friends say about you?
sister-the nixons (if i love you, i will fucking lay me down, like a bridge, over some massively troubled water)

2. How would your coworkers describe you?
le deuxieme homme-serge gainsbourg (wtf? i....hmm, i am a good support staff in the office i guess, i file and sort and enter data like no other robot)

3. How would you describe yourself?
rootless tree-damien rice (wow! perfect i think. trees are strong right? but rootless, and wandering, maybe even lost in a forest for other trees, and i'm going to go find my friends the ents eventually)

4. What do you like in a romantic partner?
lost ones-jay-z (ahahahha, yes, i've lost some, more than one, but i would venture a guess i never had them in the first place. now i'm just going to change clothes, and go!)

5. How do you feel today?
electrify-beastie boys (words coming forth like water from the tap)

6. What is your life’s purpose?
forgive them father-lauryn hill (well, i do want to be a defense attorney maybe keep some young kids out of jail for selling bags...forgive them...they know not what they doooooo)
"why every indian wanna be the chief?
feed a man til he's full and he still want beef
give me grief, try to tief off my piece
why for you to increase, i must decrease?
if i treat you kindly does it mean that i'm weak?
you hear me speak and think i won't take it to the streets
i know enough cats that don't turn the other cheek
but i try to keep it civilized like menelik"

7. What is your motto?
angelene-pj harvey (um, doesn't really work but the album title "is this desire?" seems apt enough for sl users)

8. What do you think about the most?
(psst jennie-come on little rabbit, show me what you got, cuz i know you gotta have it)
everything i said-the cranberries (yes, yes, i do think about everything i've said, good, bad or ugly)
"it makes me lonely, it makes me very lonely, when i see you here"

9. What are you going to do on your next vacation?
hammering in my head-garbage (i guess my next vacation will be back to the psych ward?)
"i'm overworked but i'm undersexed, i must be made of concrete, i sign my name across yr chest"

10. What do you think of your first love/date?
ladyflash-the go! team (well, my first love had boobies that is for damn sure)

11. What is your life story?
FNF ARMY INVADES-lupe fiasco (a rhyming ape mixtape, that's the story of my life)
"you know without the use of their eyes, the happy folk were blind"

12. What did you do yesterday?
instrumental II-the microphones (ummmm, NO, i prefer lyrics truth be told)

13. What do you think of when you see the person you like/love?
five years of madness-koufax (AHAK:LJLKDSHFJK:SHDK:FLHLK:LOFMAOYOHOHOHOHOHOHO too funny)

14. What describes your wedding?
(ftr what came up next was: tennessee square-whiskeytown)

15. What will they play at your funeral?
livin' a movie-kanye west (omg, people tell me they could make a movie of my life...hmmm)

16. What is your obsession?
shut down-soul asylum (???)

17. What is your biggest fear?
got a feelin'-the mama's and the papa's (it's not really a fear, it's an accepted fact that "got a feelin' that i'm wastin' time on you, got a feelin' that you've been untrue)

18. What is your biggest secret?
hymn for her-the magic numbers (not a secret but a lot of people look at me differently when they realize i fuck women as well)

19. What is your biggest turn-on?
in the aeroplane over the sea-neutral milk hotel (apparently i am interested in joining the mile high club)

20. How do you describe your friends?
one headlight-the wallflowers (my friends have driven home in all sorts of conditions, probably not limited to but including via one headlight)
"so long ago i don't remember when, that's when they say i lost my only friend...it always seemed such a waste, she always had a pretty face, i wondered why she hung around this place...this place is old, it feels just like a beat up truck, i turn the engine but the engine doesn't turn, what smells of cheap wine and cigarettes, this place is always such a mess, sometimes i think i'd like to watch it burn...i think her death it must be killing me"

21. What would you do with a million dollars?
golf shirt-nerf herder (i would buy a couple hundred golf shirts! YES!!! and perhaps some matching neon green plaid golf pants????? i once had a pair.....let me tell you....)
"when you're tired of all the jerks, and you're tired of all the works, you will run for the comfort of my golf shirt"

22. What is your opinion of sex?
stoneface-veruca salt ("didn't notice i was gone, cuz you were tying up your arm, and when i stand on my head, you never react, i can't get you to crack, not one fucking smile")

23. What is your biggest regret?
when a man loves a woman-ray charles (um, yeah, all the men i've loved i ought to regret having done so, but i don't believe in regret. against my religion)
"baby, please don't treat me bad"

24. What would you rather be doing right now?
claymoore-mychael danna (instrumental film soundtrack piece from girl, interrupted, hmmmm, apparently i'd RATHER be in a mental hospital right now that online)

25. What will you post this list as?
safe-m83 (ahahah, i'm safe yo, cuz i wear protection, for my neck, before i wreck myself, i do frequently check myself)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

balls to the e-walls

hai! you are all still here i see? shall i brew up some tea? roll a joint? what do we need to get the party started....hmmm how about some worst attempts at insults ever?

ok here's one offline message i got while i slept (like a baby, i might add) through your drama magnification by linking my original post on all your plurks. and here's a plurk description for a guy who apparently linked me as well. a proud fifty year old man who is furthermore proud to be a "mighty" ORC on WOW. good work! 

49 years old, male
from Second life
Writer, musician, graphic designer, and mighty Orc in World of Warcraft -- P2 is here, let the festivities commence.


you are from second life? i think that might be your problem right there dude.

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[13:07] Melisa Navarathna: (Saved Tue Mar 3 10:34:23 2009) As Kidd Rock said to Pam, "They are not laughing WITH you, you stupid bitch."
[13:07] okrebecca Dastardly: does that make you kidd rock? and me pam?
[13:07] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

ps-melissa, i think you spelled your name wrong? (you also spelled Kid Rock wrong)

i'm actually surprised how passive, not even aggressive most of you are being. of course none of you actually are interested in having a conversation with me, i understand you have WOW to play and kids in your real life to go not read to while you put them to bed and drive them to the sitters before you go in to work to play more WOW. still, i am waiting for anyone to actually direct their comments to me in a more direct fashion. i assume you all can't find me on second life even via search which is a pity because there are some quite easy ways to pull my profile up. anyway, i see that effectively this will be a totally passive aggressive ongoing dealio until all the followers and fangirls and boys calm down their indignation on behalf of someone they don't know and just would feel too cognitively dissonant about if they actually admitted that stores can be crap and still be popular at the same time. do you guys know the stores in real malls like wet seal? well, i know some teenage girls who are very ready to defend buying preteen stripper clothes and i think you all sound about the same with your replies, which by the way, if i am guilty of whining or being childish, then certainly all of this subsequent and seemingly endless drama is ....my fault? right, you're the ones continuing to link, talk, thread, and post about me and my words. at the end of the day, if i made one person cringe for a second, or uncomfortable in resolving their own opinions, or even possibly forced them by dint of aggression to form some of their own opinions, then i feel good and i'm happy :D thank you all, again, your hate and silliness drives me likewise to more hate and silliness, and what's not to love about that?

at the time of this posting a full 1/3rd of respondents have voted that they in fact have not left their house today. so when i go out on behalf of all of you to get my coffee and cigs, i will do my best to get hit by a bus, but i think the buses may be waiting for the day you eventually leave yours? i could be wrong. i don't typically think like a bus, but some of you seem to have insight on that front so please continue speculating and using tired old lines. i'm thrilled to hear them for the 144th time.

some of the responses include indicating that "okrebecca made ivey remove her snatch hunt gift from the twisted hunt"
first of all. the hunt is called twisted. how you going to name a hunt after mental illness and then not allow a little of it to run amok in the frenzy? ivey herself chose to remove the gift, for all of two hours as i gather, because she needs to keep giving freebies and promoting with gifts just like the rest of you designers reading KNOW you have to do, which is why you all have lucky chairs, freebies, subscribos, and possibly even know me as a routine and dedicated customer. it's not my fault someone like ivey has such an overwhelming ego that she thinks she can blame me when she has a hissy fit and in point of fact ALLOWS ME to make *HER* and her alone remove the gift. also, the gift removed? let's see, it was a basic textured black dress. with a prim skirt. WOW. a black dress! OH AND A HAT! a hat? like the free ones on the tables of tons of other equally if not more talented designers? no. this is a SNATCH hat, and a SNATCH black primmed dress. i MUST HAVE THIS, OH LORD, HOW WILL I LIVE WITHOUT ONE MORE BLACK DRESS, SKIRT, AND HAT IN MY INVENTORY!?$YP*O@%&

list of sn@tch items in my inventory i couldn't live my second life without:
pot plant
beach shack trailer, is this where you grew up out in salem ivey?
cremation oven
enema bag & pole
filthy toilet

...and someone with this kind of sense of humor can't take a little abuse???

and speaking of twisted mentally ill people, i'm eager to open up this incident into an ongoing discussion of mental illness and internet use but ...i am terrified none of you could handle putting any actual real life meaning into any of the namecalling and catfighting. afraid it would make more of you blame me for the reason you cry all day, and cut yourself when your boyfriend wants an open relationship, and hate yourself more for not living up to your own expectations of success for yourself. i took my meds last night! probably a large part of why i sleep so well. but my point is, some of you need medication more/equally much as i do, and i'd really love to help anyone who seriously got upset over something as ultimately meaningless as this.

"and there's a million of us just like me
who cuss like me; who just don't give a fuck like me
who dress like me; walk talk and act like me
and just might be the next best thing but not quite me!

i'm like a headtrip to listen to
cuz i'm only giving you things you joke about with your friends inside your living room
the only difference is i got the balls to say it in front of y'all and i don't gotta be false or sugar-coated at all
so will the real shady please stand up
and put one of those fingers on each hand up
and be PROUD to be out of your mind, and out of control
and one more time, loud as you can (comment)
how does it go???"

OMGUH the eminem overlap neverends! hang on i got some more i listened to in the car while trying to get hit by a bus...
"testing! attention please!
feel the tension soon as someone mentions
here's my ten cents, my two cents is free
a nuisance? who sent...YOU sent for me!"

"and sometimes it seems everybody only wants to discuss ME
so this must mean i'm disgustING
but it's just ME, i'm just OBSCENE"

moar thoughts, because i don't stop thinking just because you wish i would
re: "we should all be terribly grateful to the organizers of these hunts"
-hunts are constant, neverending, and if there was any kind of organization at all we'd just have one 400 gift hunt called 'the twisted sick residents of second life love being vainly kissed by their greatest online love' and have it over with
-organizers of hunts tend to be doing it primarily to get their store landmark spammed in every related notice that goes out
-if you haven't figured out by now with your blog surfing and plurk lurking, you can get anything and everything you want in the highest level of quality for FREE on second life. not even including hunts. hunts are just something i get distracted by when i'm visiting a store for a completely distinct set of free, dollar, or chair items. people like to think their second life freebies are a huge gift we should bend over backwards to kiss their ass for on here, when in fact, it's a gift for any customer or second lifer to spend any lindens at all, and to reiterate, it's also completely unnecessary that we buy ANYTHING at all from you, so you look at that gift horse and investigate his teeth for a while. our purchasing power allows you to maybe even do what you want all day without even leaving your house so you get to make your "art" and make a real living off of it too via an internet portal, which is not only incredible but also you should consider yourself LUCKY to make any money at all, ANYWHERE, in the united states, at the current time, with the current state of things.

re: bloggers being snot nosed bullies
you think i'm bad? as i've said before, and repeatedly, i buy things on second life, with money, that i transferred from my account page by using the "buy lindens" button. i know some of you have never done this. some of you resort to trying to pole dance so you can buy anything you feel worth spending lindens on in world. i just let it go to the mastercard bill, but the lindens go to your account and you get my cash money in the end. not just that, but i've spent literally hundreds of united states dollars in lindens on second life in the past year. not that this is necessarily something to be boasted about, but it's the truth, and i know many of you have literally messaged me and discussed with me how grateful YOU in fact are for me to support you and your digital art exploits. i am quoting possibly the best loved designer on the grid and a participant of this and all previously loved and blogged hunts when i say, "it is because of customers like you, rebecca, that we can continue to do the work we want to on second life."

that being said, i know of a certain blogger, possibly named wrenja, and she is just one of many i'm sure, who has the balls and the lack of decency to straight up ask store owners and designers for the freebies before they go out, or before they wait their turn on the lucky chair, and they just want them all neatly piled into a folder for them to contemplate even posting pictures of later. or not. how do i know any of this? because, designers enjoy chatting with shoppers who hang out in store, or stalk lucky chairs, and several of them end up messaging me, and one in particular i spoke with regarding wren's unbelievable sense of entitlement for a good several hours late one night at a chair.

bloggers collect massive amounts of free gifts on top of the free gifts that go out that need advertising because the store owners want to make the process a little friendlier. that's all well and good but some of you like wren have some bigass distasteful balls to go up to an artist and ask them to just give you their shit for free because you may or may not eventually decide to post some pictures that a couple hundred people will view and search for afterwards. i have never done this. i WILL NEVER do this. i pay for all of my stuff, and as much as i see some of you viewing this i wish i could ask for my money back from because you ended up being mindless sheep in the grand scheme of things, i'm not going to. if ivey is so fucking indignant about me ever having been a customer, why doesn't she pay me the thousands of lindens back of my money that is not good enough for her apparently? why? because she already withdrew it from her account to pay February's rent. that's why.

re: plurk itself, and all of you who link me
hey! plurk eh? is that like facebook for people who didn't go to college? anyway, i see that most of you have all your info set to private, thereby not permitting me to take the piss out of you. as you will see, you can find all sorts of information on me and i'm not hiding any of it. i know this is terrifying in the implications. you might get caught downloading cp on your work computer if people saw you age playing in your roleplay fantasies and so forth. well, i want to go to law school, myself. and i think this nonsense is going to be great debate training except that i think in the courtroom you're not allowed to resort to calling someone fat, ugly, or a bitch, in defense of your case.

Monday, March 2, 2009

and on the seventh day, god tried to pay his rent with lindens

oh mah guh. i'm a martyr to the tartar sauce. put me in the bunneh burlap git me the foook outta herererererere.

ahahah you guys crack me up. seriously, i've gotten major jollification out of all your comments. how i'm ugly, i'm fat, my opinion doesn't count, but you seem to be eating it up anyway. could it be someone you disagree with or even resent might have things worth saying too??? OMFG. oh but i'm just a blogger, i obviously started this blog to get massive attention and receive promo freebies from designers i suck cock for when i "blog" aka positively review everything they give me for free because i am not good with horses so i'm not sure how to go about looking one in the mouth. well, let me tell you ladies, and trannies, i have worked with horses too :O oh lord, i know what you're thinking, crazy cat lady who secretly loves working with kids and rides horses in the springtime out in the farmlands. that image is way too simple to comprehend!$^%@ i know you can't fathom me. enjoy coming back for more, as i see over 200 of you who read yesterday just had to peek back to see what the aftermath was. thing is, i can, and sometimes even DO, distance myself from my internet existence. much as it may appear that i have formulated my entire character on some internet platforms, the truth is actually that this is who i am in the philadelphia metropolitan area as well, when i go downtown or to rite aid or wawa even. you know who i'm grateful to? the guy behind the counter who takes the extra time to find me ripe tomatoes for my hoagie. the starbucks barista who slips me a free hot chocolate without letting me go up to the register at all. the cute lezzy clerk who doesn't bother to card me when i buy cigs anymore. i know it's nearly impossible for anyone to imagine being the same person online and off, and furthermore, a more complex one than can be read into simply by a webblog or old message board threads or the sum of the clothes on my second life avatar. however, i must protest, and i don't mean to be lady macbeth about it, but i DO have to insist that if you got to know me, mang, you might even like me. actually, there's at least like 50% of you viewing this entry right now who are thinking to yourself, "you know what, rebecca's not even half bad, i actually quite enjoy her when we exchange verbiage." ok, so none of you used those precise words in your mind. but GET REAL. you're going to come at me for making a well known, well documented, and basically indisputable complaint that has been circling in the atmosphere about a shitty ass store on the grid? you know what real work is? no, i don't have a job. but even working 8 weeks with disabled children or illiterate adult learners, instead of sitting at your mac pad drawing vinyl fishnet textures, you go do that then come back and start a flame war in my comments. ok? deal. oh also, you seem to be intrigued by my lastfm? yah, dats right, my tastes are eclectic and umm, good. actually pretty freaking stellar. do you see me dj'ing at some "night" club (it's night somewhere ALL the time right?) on second life? NO. you know what the best kind of dj is? yourself. itunes playlists. break out the hard and proven turntables if you must. speaking of good music, i got le tigre on my mind for right now.

"my art is better than yr art" is the fundamental message of what i hear a lot in private ims from designers, complaining about their fellow designers. granted i've never talked about ivey, or snatch, with any other designers, because by and large we can all agree she does not produce art, by any stretch of the imagination, unless you count the 'art' in walmart as i have compared her work to before in recent comments. ivey, you want to know why i seem hypocritical as the thread digresses into bigger and bigger puddles of emo sadness? because, i was trying to practice something called diplomacy and give you the benefit of the doubt. then what happens? course your man steps in, which i notice on your plurk says you're in an "open relationship" that must really hurt your feelings. i assume that is why you are not so stable or stable enough lately to handle any kind of criticism. if you weren't so insecure, and i know i'm not one to talk, but really, if you had more faith in your own work or craft maybe what a tiny little nobody like me said on some webblog on blogspot.com wouldn't bother you so immensely much and ruin your day in literally reducing you to tears. mind you, ivey herself said she'd been crying ALL DAY, lolol, i know how familiar that is, but she'd been doing so long before i posted my article at what? 1 pm est? also, LOLOLOL you guys provide endless lulz you know that right? someone quipped something about my 15 minutes of fame? how about taking into consideration that comment went in 5 hours after the original drama mama party. 15 minutes will probably end up being more like 15 days or so. to reduce myself to your level and provide some basis for comparison i will just abbreviate all the implications of that to say "my blog is getting more hits than ever before!"

and thank you. all. thank all of you for that!

kathleen hanna? do you have any closing remarks for us milady?