Friday, February 27, 2009

bleached black barbie

was chatting with one of the few intelligent chair stalkers i've wrangled out of past group involvements my girl bleached the other day about skin tones and racism latent in second lifers and non-minority persons the world over. now i'm not going to lie even, i've become fixated on proving how gorgeous the dark toned skins can be and how your lines about "oh the make up doesn't look right" or "i want to look like a ghost wearing a colored dress" and shit are total nonsense and hold no weight. when i was a kid i had as diverse a group of peers as you could hope for in the 1980's at a private quaker school, but the philosophy of peace, equality, and truth hammered into me for fifteen years could not be for naught. i remember buying an american girls (copyright symbol goes here) doll named addy. the historical backstories of all of these dolls was quite detailed and they each came with a series of five books following the girls the dolls were through triumphs and tribulations. addy's historical time period was civil-war. now, this may all seem a little heavy for kids, but when you consider throwing in all the young adult historical fiction into the mix, and you'll realize that a smarter type of marketer and toy maker will at least attempt to include some kind of educational material with the toy or dolls. which is why i presume it took so damn long for black barbie to come around. let's be honest, that bitch may have everything, but she had no black friends for the longest time, and you probably had to make her make out with skipper her freaking sister if you wanted any girl on girl barbie action back in the day. anyway, i'm rambling, and losing the thread of a point i may have had. but really, black is fucking beautiful, having since then grown up to work with underprivileged inner city kids in daycares and orphanages alike, i can say without a doubt that young minority kids are MORE suspectible than possibly anyone else to the cultural myths of self esteem and values latent in mass marketing schemes. try sitting around with a group of gorgeous young women and have them all vote you as the prettiest in the room just because you've got straight hair and you may second guess yourself and your preconceived notions of beauty and ego. that being said, here i am in the same mardi gras skin from skinthesis, because i can't get enough of this purpley teal make up, which shows SO well, by the way, and i keep finding perfect svelte dresses to go with the tone. not even adjudicating race to this tone either, which interestingly enough is just called "ethnic" which again, could bear some thinking on as to why the darker tone gets labeled "ethnic" when caucasian and/or white should themselves be considered ethnicities in the whole go around of things too. fuckin a. i think too much. i know. but just.....consider, PLEASE, at least contemplate.....doing some more thinking for yourself. thank you! 

i am also wearing the nicky ree kelly svelte dress in purple
and the MnM bow and arrow cupid set from the starlust valentine's hunt
...and for the unremittent racists out there, check out my bubble butt in this gown (even though it's the same shape i always wear without fail)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

because you can't, you won't, and you don't stop...

one of my fanboys decided to join all my groups, and even some i wasn't in i guess? and spam them asking people to type my name or some such dumb shit, but dude is british and he can't even spell dastardly try turns out "dasterdly." listen, i KNOW, you probably can't, you don't, and you won't stop. but honestly.

it's kinda like:
well, i'm that kid in the corner.
all fucked up and i wanna, so i'm gonna.
take a piece of the pie, why not? i'm not quittin!
you think i'ma change up my style just to fit in?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

black is the new president, bitch

so, you may not follow my comments in the sidebar but i link to freebies and chairs and cheap shit all over the place, pretty much anytime i get a notecard. i'm one of those crazies who actually sorts and reads all the cards. how? well, i will say my brain has adapted to a bit of a google like system, i scan for keywords and phrases like "group gift" or "freebie" or "dollarbie" or "cheap" etc sort of the same way that if i bother to open a person's profile and it has "girlfriend" "boyfriend" "married" or "voting republican" anywhere in it i insta-mute. granted, a lot of people don't use their words properly and therefore some of these investigations lead to misguided advertisements and inaccurate promises but that being said, i do manage to find a buttload of awesome crap mostly for free every day i log on. "awesome crap" is probably how i would usually describe something like this most recent find, but i'm going out on a limb and going to call it even awesome NON-crap, because there's nothing crappy about 10L eyes that rock your world and make you feel like a painting while you waltz around the grid. such is the beauty of Tacky Star eyes, and when Miss Falta sent a note announcing her RL art show/SL eye store sale a few days ago i hopped on that limo's roof and rode it to the very end, having remembered instantly the amazing set of christmas eyes that she offered free a few months ago. [these eyes and other freebies are still available at the store by the way, miss falta is too generous with her artistic talent] I bought out the whole store, so what is that? maybe 15 packs of eyes for around 200L. crazy sick. the best part is that aura includes about 4-10 variations on any one eye set she sells, so you get big pupils, white irises, black irises, veined, deveined, and honestly many other distinctions on eye types that i can't even list because they're so incredibly detailed. me? i have an eye for detail myself, and furthermore an eye for those artists ALSO with an eye for detail. then you go and throw detailed EYES into the mix, and i guess i'm currently experiencing an eye for detail for detailed eyes by eye detailers. miss falta is among my latest figures of worship because i'm just so damn excited to hear about people still in school, working their butts off to get degrees who can still find the time to contribute in their own way to the art community on the grid. please, please, please, go check out the Tacky Star store new location at the very least, and if you are interested like i am about crossover material, check out miss falta's flickr site as well to see some rough images of her art exhibit, linked here.
mardi gras finally got to me, in a hangover sort of way i guess, because i peeped so many people wearing awesome peacocky carnivalesque dresses and items that fed me this amalgamation in the pictures above. 
i am wearing:
prim & pixel's jeweled peacock dress was a hunt gift...maybe halloween?
marci monsoo's handmade particle wand W00t you go girl
skinthesis' mardi gras limited edition skin from lucky chair in ETHNIC, ahem, black is beautiful, in case you weren't willing to admit it to yourself, go perv on these pics for a while
primalot lucky chairs have this new "glowing for you" set in a perfectly matching teal
tacky star!!! new true bloody orchid eyes (these are large: no vein)
and also, even my custom "fish" this king dragonfly from the new Skinthesis fishing area "Hell's Hole" is mardi grawing it up, and as the pictures taken finally show the whole area is set up like a backwater bayou in new orlaaaaans, it's quite charming really

***i have been trying to get SL to work with me through the lag at the photo studio thingee i am using lately but it will just not give up trying to play hard to get, so there's only one image here atm but i couldn't wait any longer to force feed you daily show clips.

guys, if you want to piss yourself laughing, watch "unusual suspect" video linked from my baby's papa jon jon daily show thing you guys may have heard of this show? it's on cable tv! 
george bush is no longer president and, look, the daily show is still funny~!# i made the mistake of trying to drink a beverage while watching this skit which resulted in sprayed kool aid all over my floor and rugs and couch. very not safe for those with a sense of humor. "OF COURSE i'm serious!"

or if you just want cute overload

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the bell tub

i wish i had a sylvia plath
busted tooth and a smile
and cigarette ashes in her drink
the kind that goes out and then sleeps for a week
the kind that goes out on her own
to give me a reason, for well, i dunno

and maybe she'd take me to france
or maybe to spain, and she'd ask me to dance
in a mansion on the top of a hill
she'd ash on the carpets and slip me a pill
then she'd get me pretty loaded on gin
and maybe she'd give me a bath
how i wish i had a sylvia plath

Monday, February 23, 2009

solution to the current us economic crisis as per john hodgeman of the daily show

emergency christmas!^$)*^(
i still laugh sometimes. yes, even i can laugh.

i'm wearing:
amazing shit from artilleri (skin, outfit, bangles)
hair from gritty kitty
candy cane holster from *toast*s talented jessicaanne
sanu candy cane cane (for candy caning boring people in welcome areas like yourself)
antlers from schadenfreude, and while we're talking about mental theories, is there a word for the inverse of schadenfreude?

linden labs ate my lip ring from forsaken when lasombra sim crashed at the dv8 midnight mania board. ohhh, the aftermath of the manic crash :/

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"i'm a model, you know what i mean..."

and i do my little turn on the catwalk...yeah the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk, yeah i shake my little tush on the catwalk.

oh HAI. you, you bloggers you. you have manipulated your positions of relative power into getting you modeling jobs. don't lie. i've seen you at work. swirling around in a completely unmesmerizing and rather more nauseating circle on your LITERAL pedestals you and someone indulging you incredibly much have placed you on. how small is your mind? how small is your waist? i have a feeling if i told you how i really felt about you you'd go throw up the four saltine crackers you ALLOWED yourself to eat IRL today. don't worry, i don't want to encourage you to purge. rather, to kill yourself. who do you think you are? you even pick SHITTY places to model for, because you couldn't get "hired" anywhere else. you place value on the average price of the skins at the store you model for without taking into account how no one wants them unless they came free from the lucky chair. the idea of modeling in sl is so laughable to me. i worked in a ward with eating disorder girls in a hospital for a few weeks and i've seen first hand how fucked up you all are in your little fragile minds. i know, daddy raped you. i am sorry for that. one is going to make it up to you by pampering you...or wait no, actually, they are. wow. how ugly must you be in reality to want a job on a virtual forum where your avatar, bearing probably no resemblance to your real person at all, has to spin around in a circle in a store and you script something simple to yell HI WELCOME TO SO AND SO everytime someone enters the land parcel. what a TOUGH JOB. i mean, i really hope you're getting compensated for it. because that shit has to be the biggest waste of time i've seen besides camping and protesting scientology on sl. no one needs you to dress up in the clothes. we can see them on the wall. or we can see them on the designer, someone involved in the process who actually possesses talent or verve unlike yourself. you want to model something on second life? buy it. wear it. this is also called modeling. true story, i am an english major, trust me on this.
you want to earn some REAL lindens? try taking your pixel clothes off. then at least you'd be being honest with yourself and the rest of us about the whore you are.

also, i happen to know that half of you are underage and shouldn't even be on the grid. yes, val, hi!!! after a minute of afterthought, i'd have to say the only job MORE laughable on all of second life is "DJ" LOLOLOLOL ohhh you think your taste in music RAWKS don't you???? *giggles and vomits in her mouth a little bit*

Saturday, February 21, 2009

i can see clearly now, the rain is gone

all i can say is that my life is pretty plain
i like watching the puddles gather rain
and all i can do is just pour some tea for two
and speak my point of view
but it's not sane, it's not "sane"

i just want someone to say to me
"i'll always be there when you wake"
you know i'd like to keep my cheeks dry today
so stay with me and i'll have it made

and i don't understand why i sleep all day
and i start to complain when there's no rain
and all i can do is read a book to stay awake
and it rips my life away but it's a great escape

all i can say is that my life is pretty plain
you don't like my point of view
you feel that i'm insane

personal anecdote for you stalkers who love me:
once i was at gregory d's bar mitzvah party in the basement of his house down the street and we were playing some ghey teenage karaoke identify-the-song game and they played the first straining note of this song and i knew it and everyone in my grade at the party looked at my like i was, well, crazy

parts of dernier cri halloween bee girl free costume
[42] galaxies skin in golden
katat0nik pumpkin staff
kurotsubaki (kobayashi?) mustache free group gift
silent sparrow candy pink shoulder buddy
glorp gurbux's homemade becca brain vapors in what color? pink, naturally

i want you to know, that you'll always get your way

people give me shit because i'm cool. and because they are cool enough to realize that. i got dropped the awesome bloggers bag from Kiss This new lucky board by the owner Miss Miranda. she kept seeing me tp into the store and got sick of me!#% thank you dear. i'm still holding my breath, i've turned quite blue in fact. HALP!$%

often imitated, often duplicated

ok. tonight's pet sleeve. i mean, pet sl-peeve? i see repeat use quotes throughout profiles, yes, obviously i read profiles, i went to college for 7 years just to learn how to read, true story. anyway, i see this "often imitated, never duplicated" line SOOOOOOOO goddamn much. ladies, LADIES, try to express your special-ness in a different, MORE ORIGINAL manner please for GODSAKE. i see this line one more time i'm going to run around screaming,
until even you backwards redneck hicks can figure out the e-rony of your words.

Friday, February 20, 2009

ao interrupted

i have nothing new to say really, go fuck yourself, i hate you, you are dull, etc. you know what really annoys me right now? the murmurs "you suck" is not available on itunes and i cannae make soulseex work on my new harddrive. i can download a video of the old tune...if i wanted to, for like $4 usd. WAAAAAAAAAH.

i think it's funny when the ao makes me sit weird for camps or in chairs and so forth. here's the latest amusement which occurred when i tried to camp for some jeans at umi usagi. apparently i have to kiss some rabbit ass to get these things!^$

second photo: my vassar days scream out against the injustice of this gender biased lucky chair signage, but i have to assume it's just shitty japanese translation/sexism.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

make a statement with yr statement tees. and i have quite a few statements to make, so strap yourselves in

maybe even one that ends in an exclamation mark or at least a period. 

do you have absolutely nothing to say for yourself? does the title "go fuck yourself" sometimes leave you with too few hateful instant messages randomly aggressing against your profile content which is hidden from search anyway because of the inflamatory nature of its substance? or perhaps you are just boring, have no personality at all, and could use a tee shirt to help you express yourself? do you and two of your alts run a free blog with a dull background aptly summarizing the brilliance of your...boring inner spirit where you find cheap shitty furniture no one wants and crappily textured cheap shit for equally cheap readers? maybe if i beat you over the head with an e-baseball bat the resulting lesion would help you to grow a personality? either way, here are some of my favorite statement tees, that leave no room for questioning your intent/attitude/personality. seriously, go buy these tees, you could even gain a personality by doing so!!!! w00t.

tees shown:
back off bitch,
hotter than you-both from dv8 twisted hunt preview bag
needles scare me too tee from concrete flowers (for those of us who have managed to avoid the allure of heroin addiction)
i do NOT heart v-day tank from Addict
and one for the stupid group chat gabbers: common sense is not so common from SD wears
amusing I am romantic tee to stress the point for the men out there who fail to come off as romantic on their own from [KA] 
with a shirt like this, who needs pants! from [whimsy]
be my v@lentine tee for those of you like myself who will never actually have a real partner
check out my booty snarky pirate whore tee, i dunno why but this makes me think of you waterz, even though the avi on the tee is nowhere near as purdy as yourself. creator is straikitten tigerpaw, can't tell which store from profile picks sorry
dick candy hearts, cuz be honest, most of you are in love with a dick of some sort, tee from punk shack
all emerican "i don't try hard to look this good" tee and i don't know where it's from, but ain't that the TROOF.
stitch by stitch pink cutey tee "i shop therefore i am" i dunno the latin for to shop sorry marines, but i definitely ergo sum
jezzebel rock *vintage panda t* ...theres lots of cute animals that need to be taken care of before you go off breeding k peoples? everytime you give birth, a panda dies. true story. also, koala bear is in yr ceiling, watching you fuck your mentally retarded white trash husband.
god speed you tee from calmera, i have to assume someone forgot to include "black emperor" on the back, right? tell me i'm right...right?!?
everyone loves a rl clothing translation onto second life, yeah? like this 7up yours tee. from pixelless tees. 
sn@tch's interestingly provocative "stop rape. say yes." tee once free...could not ignore
an "oh snap" tee from rainbow snail design, now i just need animated/sound included sl slap bracelets and i will be able to fully regress to age seven online, also where this rainbows are gay tee is from, and stop looking at my boobs straight ladies.
probably my favorite store for tees though has to be STUFF, i stopped in there months ago and loaded up, but never got a chance to wear these tees. guess i'm snarky enough in world as is?
....scrabble lettered FUCK YOU tee (word value 19 points if i tally correctly)
...motha fucking princess tee (although this may or may not be an avril lavigne reference)
...will work for shoes tee (i clearly don't work for much but shoes may be one thing)
[TOCO] designs clown tee, text says "you must be this long to ride" figure it out yrself
rot.designs Plant More Trees (did i mention, everytime you splooge out a baby a thousand trees die? this tee would ideally say "stop breeding" as a preface to the sentiment)
i believe hirshel made this "i survived waterhead" tee in days when he was behaving like less of a childish cunt
ever classic i'm with stupid no idea where from
and some political tees that were being passed around over the election season, dick's gun club is pretty epic, but the others are good too, one has w. with bleeding vampire teeth sucking the statue of liberty dry
and if you don't like what my tees and i have to say, you can always just choose this option and KICK ME, like the decollage shirt says
among the internet rumours out there about my persona this kesskreations one probably summarizes the most accurate indication, that is, "Will Fuck For Smokes" free tee at the horst prison of starlust
free martha tee from nylon outfitters
this (muted) tee from vinyl cafe at one time is a bit redundant for my tastes, everyone knows i've muted them already
this tee also from vinyl cafe says " i thought the guys here would be hotter" which is not true but still funny to say
the next tee from toast is also amusing, if you guys all keep breeding maybe we can go soylent green style and put your little ones to use eventually, although "meat is murder" it is quite tasty
and i'll go out on a positive note here's the naughty neko designs tee that summarizes my most spiritual of beliefs: "abort born again christians"

wtf omg go get an abortion bitch

someone just posted about being pregnant irl in a group chat.
let me be the first to say, no one cares. let me also be the first to say, one word, compound of two parts: coat-hanger. i don't enjoy waking up to placentas and afterbirth. we really need more offspring? like we really need YOURS? get your head out of your ass and consider adopting koalas, or the aforementioned bloated starving african aids orphans. ohhh wait, they won't come out looking exactly like you and your mentally retarded white trash husband. i mean, who else would sleep with someone ....nevermind. i think i just answered my own question.

"Here's another idea that should be punctured, the idea that childbirth is a miracle. I don't know who started this rumor but it's not a miracle. No more a miracle than eating food and a turd coming out of your butt. It's a chemical reaction and a biological reaction. You want to know a miracle? A miracle is raising a kid that doesn't talk in a fucking movie theater...I'll go you one further, and this is the routine that has virtually ended my career in America. If you have children here tonight-and I assume some of you do-I am sorry to tell you this. They are not special. I'll let that sink in. Don't get me wrong, folks. I know YOU think they're special. You think that. I'm telling you-they're not. Did you know that every time a guy comes, he comes 200 million sperm? Did you know that? And you mean to tell me that you think your child is special? Because one of out 200 million sperm connected...that load? Gee, what are the fucking odds? Do you know what that means? I have wiped entire civilizations off my chest, with a grey gym sock. That is special. Entire nations have flaked and crusted in the hair around my navel. That is special. And i want you to think about that, you two-egg-carrying beings out there with that holier-than-thou, we-have-the-gift-of-life attitude. I have tossed universes, in my underpants, while napping. THAT is special."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hey babe, take a walk on the wild side

ugh. it ate my post. remind me never to put less than symbols in html compositions again k thx? i was just being snarky and saying something about colored girls, and wild nanogunk skins being dropped on me in welcome areas, and you all being grey and fucking dullards. enjoy! dress is artilleri leo teal dress from xmas pressies i think, atomic paige heels go with everything retro, my faithful katat0nik pumpkin staff, for whacking idiots in the gourd, and some accessories from shiny things and sanu.

i came to bloodied up, but you weren't around...

i picked my teeth off the ground like they been there before?

i am wearing my own sanguine trio, the new miasnow bloody skin (lolli bloody pleasure 4), some of them are 200L on sale for your bloody valentines, along with the bloodied prostitute cootie mask from amplify during a halloween hunt, and the zhao punishment um "boots" from another halloween hunt. all this dripping bodily fluid compliments the Laughing Academy victoria valentine black cherry dress set, available for 500L for bullshit relief, i mean, bushfire relief. 

Monday, February 16, 2009

talking to yourself

so you know how sometimes you're behind a geriatric, asian, physically and mentally handicapped driver on the road, and you honk a thousand times but ultimately just end up yelling really loudly, "WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK, YOU OLD FUCK, GET OFF THE ROAD!!$^%^"

well sometimes i do the same thing to my tv. and my computer. like on second life. a lot. going through the hunts gifts seems to be particularly vocally inciting. 

GLBOX #116 MochaMiMi
(landmark to next store)
BOXED **MochaMiMi Bubble Bath Greatest Love BOX


i'm waiting for morrigan to get some work done on the new dress before i go back and steal his studio all night. pitchers forthcumming.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

divine hearts

oh hay. got MOST of my awesome shit back already. i'm so stoked. i don't love anyone, let's be perfectly clear, but these designers surely deserve so much love for the way they've extended themselves for me and to me. i certainly at least e-love them....that's without question. i'm not going to mention names, but if you've seen me wearing their clothes and second living it up, you should go to their stores and support them, because i'm no longer going to wear anything but these amazing ladies and gentlemens designs. its been ....lovely, quite frankly, receiving all these boxes of goodies (back) because it still feels like a gift, and a pretty incredible one at that. here's some lovey dovey ness for y'all that is not free but is too cute to be denied. 

i'm wearing Miss Darcy's V for Valentine's outfit from Rebel-X and yes, it comes with all these cutey sculpt jewelry add ons
i'm also in Morrigan's Deeply Loves hot ass boot pumps for the GLHunt gift, and yes, i deeply love this man. nothing e-about it.
i've returned to this fabulous once group gift from [][]Trap[][] skin for the gothy valentines effect, that's one store i will actually type out queer symbols for the name :)
some overgabbing in the callie cline cal gal's group and she always makes a great joke of things, sent along this bad cal gal's whip, for those of you who speak drivel and nonsense in precious group chat boxes :O i cannot take it off, it's too funny. HAVE to love a designer with a keen sense of humor...