Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh, the e-rony

So about two minutes into welcome area check-out time on dastardly some bitch comes over bumping me around i'm not even chatting i'm watching youtube videos and everyone is back to trolling me again. i like how waterhead people left waterhead when it became mature since it's probably more completely horrifying now than it's ever been in the past which is saying a lot....and so they're at ahern. but when ahern ends up being all the same people the trolls hop to hanja. here's an idea, pick a place, and stay there, with your herd. pack animals do best in their packs, don't try and go it alone, take it from me, you are best remaining a sheep.

tiredness edit: yeah it was 4 am when i wrote this, i meant i'm being trolled for having trolled.

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