Friday, May 22, 2009

confessions of a commercial music listener

no, literally. i get my music from commercials these days. i think it's funny too. fully willing to and capable of laughing at myself. ipod ads used to do it for me, now this bacardi ad has matt and kim in it...i thought finally graduating from vassar and leaving new york state i could avoid brooklyn out, soon they'll be in toyota ads competing with whatever sad sap billy corgan can write these days. on that note, csi: ny played radiohead in their finale episode, and yes, i died. 'course it was a death scene. radiohead + death = brilliance. they've also been heavy on the ratatat this season, methinks someone from WVKR is mastering the music choices.

here's my rendition of a second life hipster. face piercing? check. studded cuffs? check. gratuitous ink? check. flashy tutu? check. black hair with abstract bangs? CHECK. myspace photo angles? good to go. shhh, though, okre was never scene. *wink*

...and in the daylight i don't pick up my phone
cuz in the daylight anywhere feels like home...

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