Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wings and things

i went back for this, all the way back to my neko-ness (mixed with unicornaphernalia of late), which is how i pretty much started my fashion journeys in second life. i bet a lot of people say that. i have heard critique of nekos like, oh, put on some ears, and you think you're a playboy bunny....but that's not exactly what it was for me. given the existing premise of me being crazy, let me say here that i have always thought of myself as part cat. i was raised in a crib with a cat sleeping next to me, i struggled through high school relying on a cat for emotional support...i feel very strongly in what i guess could most closely be described as a spiritual sense that part of me is feline. the worship of cats goes back to the egyptians, and that's just in the scope of documentable history. in my life, cats are living gods, or demons, spirits bigger than human souls, embodied in sleek beauty. today i lost a good friend, and he was a cat. excuse me if i go neko for a bit in nerdy memoriam. camera is MIA but when i get it back i want to post the most adorable picture of theo in bunny ears. he had a great sense of humor, and he will be missed desperately. 

rfl league wings of hope dress
catnip unicorn hoofies and horn and ears
catnip dirty suckerpunch arm bracers
magika hair
weird designs wasted soul skin
atomic tail

tonight's lyrics?
"I wanna be a lion
Everybody wanna pass as cats
We all wanna be big big stars
Yeah but we got different reasons for that..."
-Counting Crows

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your cat Rebecca. Another blog friend was posting about the loss of his cat today as well.

    I think our pets are just as important in our lives as our friends and I still miss my westie Cleo, three years after she died.