Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the green genie.

remind me never to fall asleep leaving my avi in a welcome area. 

so i was raving about the tyranny skins. scooped myself a fatpack of fifteen for starters and i'm in e-lurve. one of my favorite makeups is this 'carnivale' selection and i went all the way with the carnivalism, adding some green hair, the tiny bird 'stein' in allegory (green). then i had to sort through my schadenfreude stuff to see what i could pair with the hair named after the creator and boom, the lime tease outfit appeared, hidden in my green dresses folder. i like that you can basically pinpoint who the creators of some things are on second life by the color variations they use. allegory's green, hya's blue, violet's purple, etc. expect to see me wearing the heck out of these new skins in the near future. 

1 comment:

  1. asleep in a welcome area and i missed it
    yano hours on the computer might make you
    do such a thing