Wednesday, May 13, 2009

face of shock

Sometimes an ad shows up on a webpage or forum that I use frequently and it makes me want to punch someone in the crotch. This is such a one. had a widget showing the following text:
"Support Free Speech and Religious Liberty...Learn More"
so of COURSE I click. especially because in tiny white transparent letters i see "Paid for by National Organization for Marriage" and I'm thinking, There's a National Organization for Marriage? Is that NOM for short? I wonder how their spouses feel about them going to all those meetings and being late for dinner....ANYWAY.
My clicking presents me with this page
Which states:
"Gay marriage activists want to SILENCE opposition.

They don't want to debate the consequences of same -- sex marriage -- even though scholars say gay marriage creates widespread legal conflicts for small business and religious institutions. 

Please help support traditional marriage rights with your DONATION."

hang on.
I will formulate something coherent in a minute. (after i ponder why --sex marriage-- is isolated like that in the text formatting)
Scholars? What scholars are these? Scholars of ASU maybe...who also think Ben Franklin was a president, and that President Obama doesn't "deserve" an honorary degree from their prestigious institution. (see Daily Show from May 12)
Legal conflicts? Like, your not being able to fire people based on their being gay? Having to provide health care to the queers? What legal conflicts are these, and could they possibly ever be larger than "traditional marriage"s divorce proceedings. 
As for "conflicts" for religious institutions I still like to think we should be harping on priests fucking young boys, and that's not even really related to being gay, pedophilia is a power thing and most true pedos are considered heterosexual. 
Not to mention their media clip is of the ever slutty and intellectual Miss California...who is only barely smart enough to repeat back what she's heard repeated like a goddamn logo on Fox News about believing "marriage is between a man and a woman." You're going to make this years pageant queen "speak out" for your cause? Do we not remember LAST YEARS winner and certain disclosed pictures of her making out with other chicks? But that's ok, as long as she doesn't try to marry them, and all the unhappily married blokes out there can just continue to fap to all of these chicks when their wives leave the house.  Marriage is soooo holy. Right. That's why 1.4 million people on Second Life have an internet boyfriend or girlfriend OTHER than their wedded spouse. You want to ruin the lives of gay people everywhere? Just let them get married. Then we can all be equally miserable. 

bigger picture? all i can think of is one of my favorite pieces of bumper sticker politics...
(no offense to anyone out there, that's just how i was raised...)

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