Saturday, May 9, 2009

Silent Sorrow

I am in lots of wings again. I am definitely not religious, in fact I categorize myself as a "devout athiest" but I think there are living angels, and yeah, my cat was one of them. If the term dark angel wasn't so tainted by crappy television shows i might have described this outfit as such. I guess I'm just doing generic gothiness now. There's nothing generic about the fashion items though, like these bat fairy wings from Seven Seas. Sometimes people compliment me on my wings asking where they're from and then balk when they think it's made by the fishing people. Well, the "fishing people" make wings! Awesome, spectacular, and diverse sets of wings, all of the same quality as this pair, all in packs of dozens of color options. Beware wing lovers if you buy the Full Demo Set, as I have the folder saved and intend to go back and buy basically ALL of them now. Hooves are Ungulate Cloven in black, a set from Lazy Places, my favorite hoof furnishers on the grid. This is a red Magika hair called Bork, and the skin is Dead Dreamer from MiaSnow. I just snagged these horns in a sale recently, they're called "sinner horns" and i feel sinner-like that I can't recall the store name atm. The suit is from Silent Sparrow, and I almost wish I could organize a funeral for our lost friend this week, but in the meantime I will just dress like I'm going to one, nonstop, on Second Life, as some kind of detached indication of my ongoing sorrow. I miss him so much already...

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