Wednesday, May 27, 2009

what's the occasion?

my buddy asked me this when she saw me all dressed up in my zaara lovelies. my answer? ZAARA HALF OFF SALE, THAT'S THE OCCASION!!!! srsly though, this is the loveliest jewelry i think i've ever purchased on second life. perfect textures, a selection for every part of the body to possibly bejewel, and i didn't even have to edit the positions when attached....can you say WOW? i'm only showing the hand, arm, and side hair pieces of the nizam set but it has 11 pieces total. and this amazing gown is called amala and it comes in a rose and gold color too. detour hair, pc eyes by lano ling, tuli group gift hope skin, and smudged tears the last 1L gift from [glow] studio.

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