Friday, May 1, 2009


back in black. all bloodied up from the fights! this outfit is a free gift from the +*JILL*+ group you can go into a hut out front of the store and find a half dozen free things, dresses, this, and some sweaters. hair is a past freebie from clawtooth by clawtooth it's called kitten with a whip and in honor of it being vampire red i've got some vamp teeth on too. looking for a feeding yessss i am. skin is an old lucky chair win from wasabi pills miss new year's eve, and these shoes are the reason i'm glad to have my main back, cuz i bought the fatpack of these AMOUR heels from atomic. and i'm very amorous towards them today. hence a foot amputation shot. these creepy almost entirely soulless black eyes are free from djunk, where everything is free. my alt likes that store, a lot.

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