Monday, May 18, 2009

i was born (a unicorn)

It is my birthday today. I've survived 26 years of Real Life! Today also marks 10,000 hits on this blog, which seems silly to me because I really haven't said much of anything. Started a bit of shit here and there but that's part and parcel of Second Life Life, no? I contemplated dressing up as a cupcake or some kind of food item but lapsed back into Katat0nik cup-cakey-ness in the form of this RFL cupcake dress. Free hairs from ::69:: include sets of pastels like this delicious purple pair of pigtails. Subscribo gift from Otaku Designs for 650 members "princess" lipring and necklace. Skin is a past SOM gift from Tyranny, where there's also new skins in the chairs right now and they are divine, and pale, for all the ridiculous racists. The new line's in vendors around the chair (titled "Dirty Debutante") and shows a great variety of outrageous and loud makeups which you KNOW makes me happy. Also wearing the Catnip Unicorn horn/tail/hoofers in silver. And another set of eyes from House of Ruin. Oh, and chibi wings from Pink Fuel, peeking out the back in one image.

I was born 
I could have sworn you believed in me.


  1. Happy birthday Rebecca and congrats on 10,000 hits.

    A unicorn with such tiny ears? Well it is SL after all.

    jmb balogh in SL