Friday, May 8, 2009


this epic dress i'm using for my mourning period on second life is a creation of mister morrigan denimore. he titled it "hollow" and coincidentally this is also the name of one of my favorite remy zero songs. i can't fully explain why i'm stuck back in the 90's musically of late, i just think there was more poetry in music amidst all the junkies. 

It felt like the sun
We are hollow
Light to the world
Film star
Define all the ways
We are hollow
I am ghost
And you are song
So you walked away from me
Were you ever there?
You were too quick or cold to believe
You can never fail
We can never fail
We can only go down, south
In flames a place you forgot about

...also worn Nightshade thigh high hell boots and Kosh Cymbalta skin gift (insert necessary psych meds joke here)

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