Friday, May 15, 2009

thank you mr. colbert for all my best one liners

tonight's gem?
"don't need to ask....don't need to tell."
i am officially in love with stringer mausoleum mohawks, which is particularly convenient because helena is one of the few hair designers who actually produces mohawks on a routine basis. not to mention the hawk'ed out new fishies at oz. miss stringer showed up to load some new customs while i was parked fishing for a few hours and i perved on her profile. "Like mohawks? I got fuckloads." Touche, Miss Stringer. I *DO* like mohawks.

ashia mentioned this shirt from frop a few days ago and i obviously felt it calling my name, the fatpack of 6 colors is only 49L. ticky tacky rude girl bangles 1L in the ongoing purple flower hunt at lemania/mainstore. pants were a katat0nik gift or cheapie. this skin is the lovely new blue blood group gift, and it's freakily awesome, to match the freaking awesome mohawk from stringer mausoleum. 

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