Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Lucky Chair Ladies

Why do you shop at crappy stores? Seriously. The chair groups introduce you to probably thousands of stores, among which maybe a few hundred have stuff worth keeping and collecting. Not only that but the free blogs show a plethora of bonafide, verified, decent stuff (well, some of it at least) and you can pick and choose from what's already pictured in order to judge quality....in general the quality of the clothes is inversely related to the photoshop skill level of the blogger. The better it looks in a picture, the more edited the image looks, the less likely it is to actually look good in world. If someone is poor at photoshop but the clothing still looks good, that's when you can tell the object is worth scooping up. I am constantly amazed, shifting around chair calling groups, how many n00b skin packs people want to snag from midnight manias, how shittily constructed a sculpted set of shoes people are DYING for you to come flip the chair on. Furthermore, I'm getting peeved with the friend factor....you post boards and promos for stores of your besties, and your boyfriend, and your girlfriend, and your sl mother and daughter's stores....well I hate to point this out, but they are crap too. Then there's group joins, people randomly spamming you to join the groups for these same shitty places where there isn't even a single item I would wear in store. And notices. More, and more, and more notices with or without notecards, equally offensive really, where when I open the notecard and click on the texture advertising the product and my jaw actually drops thinking "WHO WANTS THIS? NOT I!" This is actually true of FashCon too. I have spoken on numerous occasions with friends about how much of a waste of time 90% of the fashcon notices are...again when you open the notecard and browse the offerings you should be stunned at how poor the quality is and some of the asking prices to go with these items. Now I know I don't have to go, buy, or participate in any of this. I guess I'm just bewailing a total lack of taste in the general population of Second Life "fashionistas." Please stop promoting CRAP. Thank you. 

post script in the same eloquent vein as this rant:
"Have you noticed that their stuff is shit, and your shit is stuff?"
-George Carlin

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