Wednesday, April 29, 2009

thoughts on forced viewer updates, pondered deeply behind the coarse unibrow

so, on my imac i guess when it says you must update, i really *must* update because it no longer allows me to login without downloading the update and installing it get the picture. speaking of pictures, much to my dismay some elevated techy discussions on viewer bugs ACTUALLY effected me today, as when i logged in much to my chagrin despite hard work collecting decent skins and clothes for free for an alt, my avatar had a UNIBROW!!!! i figured out how to fix it, by going into edit appearance and hair settings and just diminishing eyebrow density and color down to 0 values, but eyelashes...that's a whole other project for another day in the future. hopefully LL will realize this update is horrendous more so than your typical TP problems and such. i also tried to vote on the jira page for the issue but my vote doesn't seem to count while my account is under punitive measures. so i'll go back and vote tomorrow night, hopefully someone in the san francisco office will log themselves in before then and realize no one wants their 1K skins to wind up with default unibrows. i'm pissed on my alt and i haven't spent a single penny. thinking about having to edit eyebrows every time i change a skin is simply outrageous, given the waste of time and the enormous inconvenience to every linden customer paying or otherwise, who has to use the updated viewer. now i know, i could probably download something else to connect to the grid but i'm already super simplistic when it comes to sl technical shit...honestly it's the first time i've ever edited hair settings or anything in appearance besides brow color, and i know i'm not alone in being on the hax0ring shortbus. 

*edit, Post Script: Stickler for Details
Yeah also, the new adjustments for self clicking menus are, simply put, DUMB. to edit an object you now have to go past the menu circle for appearance that you would normally get by right clicking on yourself, but now clicking on any object on your avatar also pulls up the first set of the menu circle options. if this doesn't apply to everyone, consider yourself lucky, because it's a pain in the arse. i know it's like, one extra click, but again, i edit attach points and adjust positions frequently and to have to click through twice as many menus is just that, twice as difficult. 

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  1. YAY. i just had to downgrade to the non-release candidate viewer. hope they don't take this one away....i guess as long as it stays there's no harm in the foul up on the release, that's why it's a beta version right?